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A trip to the Moon (2017) 6.1

A trip to the Moon (2017)

Tomas is an outcast young teenager trying to pass an exam. His family is constantly pressing him and her mother forces him to take antipsychotic drugs. In his need to escape, Tomas plans an intriguing trip to the moon. I...

Again Once Again (2019) 6.5

Again Once Again (2019)

Actress Romina Paula points the camera at herself, her son and her mother in this mixture of documentary and fiction. A returns to her roots to rediscover who she is....

Pizza, Beer, and Cigarettes (1998) 7.1

Pizza, Beer, and Cigarettes (1998)

A couple of friends work for a taxi driver to rob his passengers, but they feel like they're getting ripped off. They decide to plan their own robberies, but they are amateurs and things don't go too well. One of the you...

La Antena (2007) 7.4

La Antena (2007)

This near-silent black and white film from Argentina tells the story of a city that has lost its voice, stolen by Mr. TV, and the attempts of a small family to win the voice back. Similar in design to early German expres...

Luciano Mellera: Infantiloide (2018) 8.5

Luciano Mellera: Infantiloide (2018)

Argentina's Luciano Mellera emphasizes the humorous and fantastical aspects of childhood through comedic impersonations and insights on daily life.::Netflix...

The Prince (2019) 6.6

The Prince (2019)

1970. The Prince, moved by jealousy and doubts about its sexuality, kills the Gipsy, his bestest friend. In jail he'll meet the Horse, a respected gangster in prison through which will discover, by force, the immense hum...

Whisky (2004) 7.1

Whisky (2004)

When his long-lost brother resurfaces, Jacobo, desperate to prove his life has added up to something, looks to scrounge up a wife. He turns to Marta, an employee at his sock factory, with whom he has a prickly relationsh...

Turu, the Wacky Hen (2019) 5.6

Turu, the Wacky Hen (2019)

Turuleca is a hen unable to lay eggs as the rest of the chicken. Property of the cheater hen breeder Sr. Cocoricó, he arrives to the little town of Villa Armonía to trade, where he deceives the nice aging woman Isabel to...

Top Cat Begins (2015) 4.2

Top Cat Begins (2015)

Top Cat has arrived to charm his way into your hearts. Ever wonder how this scheming feline got his start? Well Top Cat Begins reveals the origins of everything you know and love about this classic comedy hero. What foll...

Abrakadabra (2018) 5.7

Abrakadabra (2018)

In the tradition of giallos of the early 70s a magician finds himself the target of a sadistic serial killer.::dungeonmaster13...

Funny Dirty Little War (1983) 7.2

Funny Dirty Little War (1983)

A small revolution breaks out in a small Argentine town, as one group of Peronists calls they newly elected peronist a communist. The newly elected official enlists the aid of allies ranging from the town drunk to young ...

The Gold Bug (2014) 6.5

The Gold Bug (2014)

After an actor finds a treasure map detailing the location of ancient gold hidden near a town in the Misiones province named after the 19th-century politician Leandro N. Alem, he persuades the producers to change the pro...

The Blonde One (2019) 7.7

The Blonde One (2019)

In the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Gabriel has just moved in with his colleague, Juan. Shy and reserved, Gabo is reluctant to follow Juan's wandering hands and meaningful looks. With a revolving door of beauties streaming o...

Intuition (2020) -

Intuition (2020)

Pipa begins her career as a police detective alongside her mentor, the controversial detective Francisco Juánez. Together they must solve the violent murder of a 19 year old girl...

Sand Dollars (2014) 5.9

Sand Dollars (2014)

An older European woman becomes enchanted with a young Dominican woman who must struggle to make ends meet. Love brings a flow of entanglements in a drama which unfolds like palm trees in an irresistible storm.::Anonymou...

The Pretty Ones (2016) 6.5

The Pretty Ones (2016)

Melisa, filmmaker and character in The Pretty Ones is young, intelligent and funny, but also critical and ironic. She interviews her friends, reconstructs herself as a person using family photos and videos, and reflects ...

Almost Happy s1 e7 Episode #1.7 6.7
Almost Happy s1 e8 Episode #1.8 7.1
Almost Happy s1 e4 Episode #1.4 6.5
Almost Happy s1 e2 Episode #1.2 6.9
Almost Happy s1 e3 Episode #1.3 7
Almost Happy s1 e1 Episode #1.1 6.6
Almost Happy s1 e6 Episode #1.6 6.3
Almost Happy s1 e9 Episode #1.9 7.4
Almost Happy s1 e5 Episode #1.5 6.7
Almost Happy s1 e10 Episode #1.10 7.9
The Distinguished Citizen (2016) 7.5

The Distinguished Citizen (2016)

After refusing big and prestigious awards all over the world, Mr. Mantovani, Literature Nobel Prize winner, accepts an invitation to visit his hometown in Argentina, which has been the inspiration for all of his books. I...

My Masterpiece (2018) 7.1

My Masterpiece (2018)

Arturo is an unscrupulous art dealer and Renzo his socially-awkward painter and longtime friend. Willing to risk it all, they develop an extreme and ludicrous plan to save themselves....

Magnum P.I. s2 e11 Day I Met the Devil 8

Magnum P.I. s2 e11 Day I Met the Devil

Magnum is called up from the reserves for a top secret mission, but his friends are stunned when they learn that the mission is a lie and Magnum has been set up....

End of the Century (2019) 7.1

End of the Century (2019)

Two men meet in Barcelona and after spending a day together they realize that they have already met twenty years ago.::Lucio Castro...

The Desert Bride (2017) 6.4

The Desert Bride (2017)

It tells the story of Teresa, a 54-year-old woman who works as a domestic employee in a family home in Buenos Aires. For decades she has taken refuge in the routine of her tasks, but now that the family has decided to se...

At the End of the Tunnel (2016) 7.1

At the End of the Tunnel (2016)

Joaquín is a computer engineer in wheelchair trapped by the imminent foreclose of his house due to the debt with his bank. Trying save it, he rents one room to Berta, an exotic dancer, and Betty, her six-years-old daught...

Don’t Look Down (2008) 6

Don’t Look Down (2008)

Coming of age. In Buenos Aires, Eloy is on the verge of manhood. He studies physics, helps with the family headstone business, and does advertising - handing out flyers while walking on stilts or wearing an empanada cost...

Las Acacias (2011) 6.8

Las Acacias (2011)

Rubén is a lonely truck driver who has been taking the motorway from Asunción, Paraguay to Buenos Aires, Argentina for years, carrying wood. However, today's journey is different because of Jacinta, who accompanies him a...

Luciferina (2018) 4.6

Luciferina (2018)

Natalia is a nineteen-year-old novice who reluctantly returns home to say goodbye to her dying father. However, when she meets up with her sister and her friends, she decides instead to travel the jungle in search of mys...

LA Originals (2020) 7.4

LA Originals (2020)

Photographer Estevan Oriol and artist Mister Cartoon turned their Chicano roots into gritty art, impacting street culture, hip hop and beyond.::Netflix...

Wild Tales-2014 8.1

Wild Tales-2014

The film is divided into six segments. (1) "Pasternak": While being on a plane, a model and a music critic realise they have a common acquaintance called Pasternak. Soon they discover that every passenger and crew member...

Hide-2008 5.3


A modern day Bonnie and Clyde - with a twist - that follows two lovers down a path of destruction, mayhem, and murder as they live in a world where it is acceptable to take whatever they want with murderous consequences....

The Games Maker-2014 5.6

The Games Maker-2014

Young Ivan Drago's newfound love of board games catapults him into the fantastical and competitive world of game invention, and pits him against the inventor Morodian, who has long desired to destroy the city of Zyl, fou...

Los hongos-2014 6.6

Los hongos-2014

Ras is a construction worker and graffiti artist in his neighborhood of east Cali, Colombia. After he loses his job he sets off on a journey across the city to find another graffiti artist.::Anonymous...