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Pulse (2010) (TV) 5.7

Pulse (2010) (TV)

A year earlier medical student Hannah Carter freaked out in the operating theatre when her doctor mother, a cancer patient,died. Now she is back to resume her studies amongst whispers of her instability. Why does the sto...

Ninja Assassin-2009 6.3

Ninja Assassin-2009

Trained since childhood to be a lethal killer, Raizo has since turned his back on the Ozunu clan that raised him and now seeks revenge for their heartless murders. Teaming up with Europol investigator Mika, Raizo steadil...

V for Vendetta-2005 8.2

V for Vendetta-2005

Tells the story of Evey Hammond (Natalie Portman) and her unlikely but instrumental part in bringing down the fascist government that has taken control of a futuristic Great Britain. Saved from a life-and-death situation...