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The Burning Buddha Man (2013) 6

The Burning Buddha Man (2013)

There is a series of Buddha statue thefts in Kyoto. Beniko, a high school girl, gets the Buddha statue at her family's temple stolen and has her parents killed at the same time. Beniko hears from Enju, her parents'friend...

Asaki yumemishi-1974 6.9

Asaki yumemishi-1974

After a number of stressful affairs, a court lady becomes a nun in order to pursue a life without desire.::Samovarkov...

Pale Flower-1964 7.8

Pale Flower-1964

Just released from prison after serving three years for murdering a member of a rival gang, Maraki, a middle-aged yakuza, returns to his old haunts in Tokyo largely out of loyalties despite not much liking that life or h...