Tag: Christiane Paul

Lola auf der Erbse (2014) 5.6

Lola auf der Erbse (2014)

Lola, who lives on a houseboat with her mother, makes friends with a Kurdish boy, a new pupil in her class....

The Dust of Time (2008) 6.6

The Dust of Time (2008)

A, an American film director of Greek ancestry, is making a film that tells his story and the story of his parents. It is a tale that unfolds in Italy, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada and the USA. The main character ...

The Wave-2008 7.6

The Wave-2008

High school teacher, Rainer Wenger, may be popular with the students, but he's also unorthodox. He's forced to teach autocracy for the school's project week. He's less than enthusiastic at first, but the response of the ...