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Christmas in Compton-2012 4.3

Christmas in Compton-2012

BIG EARL, the owner of a Christmas tree lot in Compton, and a man with a big heart and a big vision, demands success from everyone around him. All kinds of trouble erupts the week before Christmas when his son, DERRICK, ...

Deadly Pursuit-2015 4.1

Deadly Pursuit-2015

An Alaskan wilderness guide, while he was in Los Angeles helping his friend pick out an engagement ring for his friends gf, meets and falls in love with a well off city girl who's family owns the jewelry store. During a ...

One Long Night-2007 4.3

One Long Night-2007

Richard Macedo, is a young Mexican-American businessman from Orange County whose life is changed over the course of one night through a series of off beat encounters with the denizens of Mexico City.::Luis reyes...