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Pieces (1982) 6.1

Pieces (1982)

While playing with a puzzle, a teenager is repressed by his mother, and he kills her and severs her body with an ax. Forty years later, in an university campus in Boston, a serial killer kills young women and severs thei...

The Exterminator (1980) 5.7

The Exterminator (1980)

When John Eastland's best friend, Michael Jefferson, is mugged and left permanently crippled, he decides to do something about it. Jefferson had saved Eastland's life in Vietnam and now it's time for Eastland to get reve...

Enter the Ninja (1981) 5.3

Enter the Ninja (1981)

After just completing his training at a ninja school, an army vet travels to the Phillippines and finds himself battling a land grabber who wants his war-buddy's property. He must also fight his rival....

Whiskey Mountain (1977) 5.4

Whiskey Mountain (1977)

Bill, Dan, Diana and Jamie, four motorcyclists who arrived at Whiskey Mountain for a treasure hunt, are terrorized in the woods by a gang of murderous hillbilly drug dealers.::[email protected]

Grizzly (1976) 5.3

Grizzly (1976)

An eighteen-foot grizzly bear figures out that humans make for a tasty treat. As a park ranger tries rallying his men to bring about the bear's capture or destruction, his efforts are thwarted by the introduction of doze...

Project X-1968 5.4

Project X-1968

A spy is brought back from cryogenic suspension after being almost killed in a plane crash returning from a mission to learn about a deadly new weapon being developed in the East. But the vital memories are being suppres...

Graduation Day-1981 4.8

Graduation Day-1981

After a high school track runner, named Laura, suddenly dies from a heart attack after finishing a 30-second 200-meter race, a killer wearing a sweat suit and a fencing mask begins killing off her friends on the school t...

Chisum-1970 6.9


As one of the founders of the town of Lincoln, John Chisum is increasingly worried as Lawrence Murphy moves in on the local stores, bank and land by questionable means. Chisum and fellow honest ranch owner Henry Tunstall...

City of the Living Dead-1980 6.3

City of the Living Dead-1980

In the small New England town of Dunwich, a priest commits suicide by hanging himself in the church cemetery which somehow opens the gates of hell allowing the dead to rise. Peter, a New York City reporter, teams up with...

Mortuary-1983 5.2


Christie Parson has been having terrifying nightmares ever since her father drowned in a swimming pool. Christie's mother believes this was a tragic accident, but Christie believes he was murdered. Then her boyfriend Gre...

El Dorado-1967 7.6

El Dorado-1967

Hired gunman Cole Thornton turns down a job with Bart Jason as it would mean having to fight an old sheriff friend. Some months later he finds out the lawman is on the bottle and a top gunfighter is heading his way to he...