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Saving General Yang-2013 6.4

Saving General Yang-2013

Northeast China, early Northern Song dynasty, AD 986. The Khitan army takes its revenge for a past massacre, abducting General Yang Ye (Adam Cheng) and leaving his wife and seven sons to rescue him - and fall into their ...

Lady of the Dynasty-2015 4.1

Lady of the Dynasty-2015

Yang Yuhuan is a wife of Prince Li Mao and the Emperor Tang Ming Huang's daughter-in-law. When Prince Li's mother, Wu commits suicide after her conspiracy against the Emperor fails, Yang is abandoned and is given to the ...

Guardians of the Tomb-2018 4.5

Guardians of the Tomb-2018

An innocent discovery of a well-preserved mummified Chinese Emperor from 200 B.C. unearths a two-thousand-year-old nightmare, a secret that should have remained buried....