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The Boss-1973 7

The Boss-1973

A bomb attack in a cinema in Palermo kills all the fellows of Attardi's clan a part from Cocchi. He immediately understands that the author of the bomb attack is Daniello from Don Corrasco's clan. Cocchi is determined to...

Execution Squad-1972 7.1

Execution Squad-1972

This is a story of a secret organization of former police officers, who go beyond the law, to kill notorious criminals without trial. One police inspector, (Enrico Maria Salerno) tries to stop them, but the attorney (Mar...

What Have They Done to Your Daughters?-1974 7

What Have They Done to Your Daughters?-1974

Police investigate apparent suicide of teen girl and uncover details of a teenage prostitution racket. They go on the hunt for a motorcycle riding killer.::William R. Smith...