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Finger on the Trigger-1965 4.7

Finger on the Trigger-1965

At the end of the Civil War, a ragtag group of just-discharged Union soldiers clashes with a band of renegade Confederates over a golden treasure hidden in a deserted town in the Oklahoma Territory. Soon these rivals mus...

The Thundering Herd-1933 5.6

The Thundering Herd-1933

Both Sprague and Jett and their crews are hunting buffalo. Doan is with Sprague and is looking for the Jett outfit where his girlfriend Milly is being held against her will. In addition to the thieving Jett who is steali...

Revolt at Fort Laramie-1957 5.5

Revolt at Fort Laramie-1957

It's just prior to the Civil War and Fort Laramie's problem is the Sioux Indians. When it is announced that war has been declared the fort becomes divided between northerners and southerners. The fort Commander and the s...