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The Mountain Men-1980 6.4

The Mountain Men-1980

A pair of grizzled frontiersmen fight Indians, guzzle liquor and steal squaws in their search for a legendary valley 'so full of beaver that they jump right into your traps' in this fanciful adventure.::Keith Loh ...

Once Upon a Time in China and America-1997 6.4

Once Upon a Time in China and America-1997

The story is set in both Hong Kong and the U.S. So goes to the U.S. to open a martial arts school. Around this time, many Chinese people were sold off to U.S. railroad companies, and were brutally treated by the American...

Flaming Star-1960 6.5

Flaming Star-1960

West Texas in the years after the Civil War is an uneasy meeting ground of two cultures, one white. The other native American. Elvis portrays Pacer Burton. The son of a white rancher (John McIntire) and his beautiful Kio...