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25 lat niewinnosci. Sprawa Tomka Komendy (2020) 7.6

25 lat niewinnosci. Sprawa Tomka Komendy (2020)

The ordinary life of Tomasz Komenda is turned upside down when he is wrongly accused of brutal murder and sentenced to 25 years in prison.::J3DYNAK...

Fuga (2018) 6.4

Fuga (2018)

Alicja suffers from memory loss and has rebuilt her own free spirited way of life. Two years later, she returns to her former family to assume against her will her role as wife, mother and daughter. Her estranged husband...

Mug (2018) 6.4

Mug (2018)

A man undergoes a face transplant and experiences ensuing identity issues.::Anonymous...