Tag: Darla Taylor

Love on the Air-2015 6.9

Love on the Air-2015

"Man cave" guy and "women's studies" feminist fight like cats and dogs on the air at WCV-Chicago during morning drive time. Their show is a hit because people love to hear them argue....

Kindergarten Cop 2-2016 4.4

Kindergarten Cop 2-2016

Hot on the trail of the Eastern-European criminal kingpin, Zogu, unexpectedly, the old-school F.B.I. Agent, Reed, finds himself at a well-organised elementary school. Knowing that Zogu is after a tiny flash drive contain...

Killer Photo-2015 5.2

Killer Photo-2015

Sarah balances her family life with a high-powered marketing job. But when Sarah starts receiving threatening texts and photos of herself on her cell phone via "Flashchat," her perfect life starts to unravel. Unable to p...