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Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill-2004 3

Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill-2004

While traveling in a van with their teacher for a contest, a group of college friends are abducted by the criminal Earl, who forces them to go to the ghost town of Sunset Valley to meet his friend that was transporting d...

Freakshow-2007 3.1


In a modern retelling of Tod Browning's "Freaks" (1932), "Freakshow" tells the story of a group of criminals who chose to hide out by working security at a traveling circus. At first, they plot with an insider to steal t...

Intermedio-2005 2.7


Four teenagers, Malik, Gem, Barbie and Wes, take a excursion to an old series of mine tunnels under the border area of California and Mexico where they, and a few other people traveling by, become trapped and are soon se...