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Chasing Comets (2018) 5.4

Chasing Comets (2018)

Wagga is a country town that loves its sport but is divided over its loyalty for the rival codes, Afl and Nrl. It's in this setting that we find our hero Chase daylight. Chase's dream to play in the NRL is falling by the...

Reckoning s1 e4 You Should Be Dancing -
Reckoning s1 e1 Pilot 6.8

Reckoning s1 e1 Pilot


The Whistleblower-2019 5.5

The Whistleblower-2019

Following a fatal accident, a Chinese expatriate working for a mining company in Australia discovers that new technology developed by the company may be a health risk, and investigates a web of conspiracies in his search...

Danny Deckchair-2003 6.7

Danny Deckchair-2003

Based on a true story, the tale of a cement truck driver named Danny, whose long awaited vacation is cancelled thanks to his scheming girlfriend, Trudy. Danny escapes his grim life in suburban Australia and blasts into t...

Inspector Gadget 2-2003 3.4

Inspector Gadget 2-2003

On the outskirts of Riverton, "The Safest City in America", a pensive Inspector Gadget sits in his Gadgetmobile, along with his canine companion, Brain. Gadget is back on the job, on stakeout, but he is concerned that ev...

Man-Thing-2005 4


When a greedy oil baron sets his sights on drilling in a Louisiana swamp, a monstrous creature is awakened. The baron and his associates are killed in the swamp thicket, spurring an investigation led by Sheriff Kyle Will...