Tag: Jon Gale

Devil’s Path-2018 4.6

Devil’s Path-2018

In the early 90s, while searching for his missing brother in a remote gay cruising park, Noah (Stephen Twardokus) sets his sights on a handsome stranger (JD Scalzo). When Noah is viciously attacked, he and his new compan...

An American Ghost Story-2012 4.3

An American Ghost Story-2012

Paul Anderson (Stephen Twardokus) and his girlfriend Stella (Liesel Kopp) move into a house that is well known for being haunted. Paul, a struggling writer plans to write his first novel about his experiences with the pa...

Meteor Apocalypse-2010 3

Meteor Apocalypse-2010

A gigantic meteor enters Earth's orbit and begins to disintegrate, showering the entire planet with debris.::Anonymous...