Tag: Jon Huertas

Reparation-2015 5.9


A troubled Air Force veteran finds clues to his buried memories in his daughter's art, while confronted by a mysterious figure from his past looking for answers of his own. Winner of 11 film festival awards, REPARATION i...

Altered Perception-2017 2.9

Altered Perception-2017

A Blanc-Biehn production centered around the idea of a governmentally designed drug created to help correct or strategically alter perceptions gathered during times of trauma or stress. Slated as being a substance that m...

The Insatiable-2006 5.3

The Insatiable-2006

Harry Balbo, a nerdy and spineless flange salesman, witness a violent killing by a gorgeous female vampire in a alley. Nobody believes him, neither does the police. Obsessed by the woman, Harry soon contacts a neighbor n...