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Homecoming s2 e1 People 7.8
Homecoming s2 e3 Previously 7.6
Homecoming s2 e2 Giant 7.8

Homecoming s2 e2 Giant


Homecoming s2 e7 Again -

Homecoming s2 e7 Again


Homecoming s2 e5 Meters -
Homecoming s2 e4 Soap 8.4

Homecoming s2 e4 Soap


Homecoming s2 e6 Needle -
Homecoming s1 e1 Mandatory 7.4

Homecoming s1 e1 Mandatory

In 2018, Walter enters the Homecoming program and is introduced to his counselor, Heidi. Years later, Heidi is approached about a complaint....

Homecoming s1 e3 Optics 7.9

Homecoming s1 e3 Optics

Shrier and Walter attempt to leave the facility. Heidi realizes there is a gap in her memory. Thomas makes a discovery....

Homecoming s1 e5 Helping 7.7

Homecoming s1 e5 Helping

Life-skills activities allow the client to envision life after Homecoming, practicing social interactions in a safe and nurturing setting....

Homecoming s1 e2 Pineapple 7.5

Homecoming s1 e2 Pineapple

Walter's attempts to calm an increasingly paranoid Shrier only cause the situation to escalate. Thomas must decide whether to follow his intuition and investigate further, or let the case go....

Homecoming s1 e9 Work 8

Homecoming s1 e9 Work


Homecoming s1 e6 Toys 7.7

Homecoming s1 e6 Toys

Outside visitors, though well-intentioned, may disrupt the gradual transition back to civilian life....

Homecoming s1 e10 Stop 8.4

Homecoming s1 e10 Stop

I'm gonna stop you there, okay?...

Homecoming s1 e7 Test 8.2

Homecoming s1 e7 Test

By letting go of the past, the client will be able to fully embrace his or her future....

Homecoming s1 e8 Protocol 8.6

Homecoming s1 e8 Protocol

Homecoming is a safe space for you to reflect on your service and think about what comes next. We can't wait to hear your stories....

Homecoming s1 e4 Redwood 7.7

Homecoming s1 e4 Redwood

Walter feels uneasy about Shrier's absence, but Heidi is able to reassure him. Thomas is met with resistance when he attempts to investigate a lead....

Creative Control-2015 5.4

Creative Control-2015

In near future Brooklyn, an ad executive uses a new Augmented Reality technology to conduct an affair with his best friend's girlfriend...sort of.::Anonymous...