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A Man Called Horse (1970) 6.9

A Man Called Horse (1970)

During the early 1800s, English Lord John Morgan (Richard Harris) is hunting in the Dakotas, but he is captured by a group of Sioux warriors. Morgan's guides are killed, but he is spared by Sioux Chief Yellow Hand (Manu ...

The Grissom Gang-1971 6.7

The Grissom Gang-1971

Set in the Depression, a gang of half-witted small-time hoods led by Slim Grissom kidnap heiress Barbara Blandish and Slim proceeds to fall in love with her. Remake of the British film No Orchids for Miss Blandish (1948)...

Uptight-1968 7.3


Black revolutionaries are betrayed by one of their own. Based on the 1935 classic, "The Informer."::Anonymous...