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Karla’s World (2007) 5.3

Karla’s World (2007)

Karla's Game is a comedy family film that deals with problems of a very modern family. The story is seen through the eyes of the 10-year-old Karla, who struggles to keep her family together at Christmas. This is however ...

Karla & Katrine (2009) 5.7

Karla & Katrine (2009)

Karla invites Katrine to spend the holidays with her, hoping they might become best friends. As it turns out, nothing goes as planned. Karla meets Jonas and falls in love for the first time, and she nearly forgets all ab...

The Reunion 2: The Funeral (2014) 5.8

The Reunion 2: The Funeral (2014)

Three friends Thomas, Andreas and Niels are once again united in THE REUNION 2. Thomas is finally getting married, and Andreas has arranged a bachelor party of the century... he thinks. But a shocking death during Thomas...