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Tai Chi 2: The Hero Rises (2012) 6.2

Tai Chi 2: The Hero Rises (2012)

About the early years of Yang Luchan, a Tai chi master. The man who founded Tai Chi in the 19th century and what has now become the most popular Tai Chi style in the world. The second instalment of the "Tai Chi" trilogy ...

10+10-2011 6.1


A collection of twenty short films by twenty different directors, all about Taiwan.::ElDeeAgain...

The Assassin-2015 6.3

The Assassin-2015

In 8th century China, 10-year-old general's daughter Nie Yinniang is handed over to a nun who initiates her into the martial arts, transforming her into an exceptional assassin charged with eliminating cruel and corrupt ...