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Night of the Devils-1972 6.6

Night of the Devils-1972

In this adaptation of Tolstoy's story the Wurdulak, a mentally ill patient known as Nicola (Gianni Garko) flashes back to horrifying experiences that he encountered while driving through the country. Upon damaging his ca...

Footprints on the Moon-1975 6.7

Footprints on the Moon-1975

The translator Alice Cespi has nightmares with an astronaut left alone on the moon and is addicted in sleeping pills. When she goes to work, she is fired since she missed three days without any justification. She returns...

Spasmo-1974 6.1


Christian (Robert Hoffman) and his girlfriend are taking a walk on a deserted beach when they discover a woman's body lying. A closer look proves that she's alive. The next day Christian meets her again at a yacht party ...