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Billy the Kid Versus Dracula-1966 3.7

Billy the Kid Versus Dracula-1966

In the Old West, Count Dracula makes his mark. on a young woman who introduces him to her fiancé, William Bonney aka billy the Kid A European family who'd previously encountered Dracula warns Billy of who the man is, and...

The Old Chisholm Trail-1942 6.3

The Old Chisholm Trail-1942

Dusty Gardner, bringing a herd up the Chisholm Trail, is looking for water. Belle Turner has water but wants an exorbitant price for it. When Dusty and his men start a well, Belle and her men set out to stop them....

Bad Man from Red Butte-1940 5.3

Bad Man from Red Butte-1940

Buck arrives in the town where his outlaw twin brother Gil Brady is also located. Benson is after the Todhunter ranch and he has his henchman kill Todhunter. Then he claims Buck is actually Brady and he is the murderer. ...