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Lost Souls (1989) 5.6

Lost Souls (1989)

Like many Hong Kong people, the Ling family are hoping to immigrate to Canada - but then they all die in a gas poisoning accident. Their death isn't going to stop them, but it turns out migrating in the next life takes m...

Mortuary Blues (1990) 5.8

Mortuary Blues (1990)

The rays of the moon bring a coven of female zombies back to life. A special police squad is assigned to stop them.::Anonymous...

Biao jie, ni hao ye!-1990 6.8

Biao jie, ni hao ye!-1990

Shapely mainland Chinese police inspector Cousin is forced to work with a Hong Kong cop, fighting against him almost until the end credits roll, when she reveals more than her Communist credentials....

Stars and Roses-1989 6.2