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Peacock King (1988) 6

Peacock King (1988)

Coerced by the evil Witch Raga, Ashura, the Hell Virgin, attempts to unlock the four Earth holes that lead to the Gates of Hell. Together, Raga aims to control the Earth. However, two monks skillful in magical powers set...

Mr. Vampire (1985) 7.4

Mr. Vampire (1985)

A ghost sucks the life-force out of a one of Uncle Nine's student. The other is slowly turned into a vampire. They halt his transformation by filing down his teeth! The female ghost throws her head around like a boomeran...

Spiritual Love (1987) 6.1

Spiritual Love (1987)

A small-time triad member, played by Chow Yun-Fat, discovers a letter from an antique desk written by a young girl, played by Cherie Chung, who died from an illness years before. After her death, she was posthumously mar...

Gong zi duo qing-1988 6.2
Rich and Famous-1987 6.2

Rich and Famous-1987

To pay off his debt as a gambler, a man drags his sister and step-brother into a life of crimeand a violent war between rival gang lords.::Towne 3, San Jose, Ca...