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Acceptance (2009) (TV) 5.1

Acceptance (2009) (TV)

A comedic and sometimes poignant look at the absurdity of today's college applications process for parents and teens. Joan Cusack stars as a stressed out-mom trying to get her teen daughter Taylor Rockefeller into colleg...

“Jesus” (1999) (mini) 6

“Jesus” (1999) (mini)

Jesus dreams of a medieval battle in the name of Jesus Christ and of a dying world war soldier who, in desperation, calls out the name: Jesus. Jesus awakes, distraught. What is the meaning of this nightmare? Why are thes...

In My Dreams-2014 6.3

In My Dreams-2014

Nick Smith, a talented architect employed by an unappreciative scrooge but contemplating a firm of his own with colleague Joe Yablonski, suffers pointless attempts by his mother to match him up. Yet after he tosses a coi...