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Conspirators (2013) 5.4

Conspirators (2013)

A story about 2 detectives from 2 different countries investigating the same case. As their investigation brings them closer to the truth, they found out something else. What can it be, and what is the truth that lies wi...

Guia In Love (2015) 6.1

Guia In Love (2015)

Years ago, two best buddies, Chan and Choi, both fell for the same woman, Lee. Forty-five years later, Lee has tragically passed away, and the best friends live on, surrounded by a series of complicated romances, big bus...

Hardcore Comedy-2013 4.5

Hardcore Comedy-2013

3 stories, 3 surprises, magical love, crazy jokes, sexy hot stuff, car stunts, gangsters fights, all in one.::anonymous...