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Kôtei no inai hachigatsu-1978 7

Kôtei no inai hachigatsu-1978

A group of ultra-right military prepares a coup d'etat, code-named August Without the Emperor, with the goal of establishing a military dictatorship.::morroviolet...

New Battles Without Honour and Humanity-1974 6.9

New Battles Without Honour and Humanity-1974

Bunta Sugawara is Miyoshi, a low-level assassin of the Yamamori gang who is sent to jail after a bungled hit. While in stir, family member Aoki attempts to seize power from the boss, and Miyoshi finds himself stuck betwe...

The Three Undelivered Letters-1979 6.7
The Boss’s Head-1975 7

The Boss’s Head-1975

Sugawara is Kuroda, an itinerant gambler who steps in when a hit by drug-addicted assassin Kusunoki goes wrong, and takes the fall on behalf of the Owada family, but when the gang fails to make good on financial promises...