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Grand Theft Auto Girls-2020 3.7

Grand Theft Auto Girls-2020

A widowed mother must help her teenage daughter escape a life of crime after she becomes embroiled in a dangerous scheme to steal luxury cars for her high school teacher.::Anonymous...

Len and Company-2015 6

Len and Company-2015

A successful music producer quits the industry and exiles himself in upstate New York, but the solitude he seeks is shattered when his estranged son and the pop star he's created come looking for answers....

Mom at Sixteen-2005 6.7

Mom at Sixteen-2005

Mom at Sixteen is about pregnant 16-year-old Jacey, whose well-meaning mother, after finding out she is pregnant, forces her to keep the birth a secret and both decided to give him on adoption when he is born. But the da...