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36 Saints-2013 2.7

36 Saints-2013

When New York Police Headquarters is confronted with the horror of a serial murderer loose on the streets of Manhattan. Oblivious to the danger, a group of hip students from all over the world, who now attend school toge...

You Got Served: Beat the World-2011 4.5

You Got Served: Beat the World-2011

Three dance crews prepare to do battle at the international Beat the World competition in Detroit. In the final showdown to become world champions lifelong hopes, dreams and even lives, are at stake.::Anonymous...

Baked in Brooklyn-2016 5.4

Baked in Brooklyn-2016

A recent college graduate (Brener) decides to sell marijuana on the streets of Manhattan after losing his job at a consulting firm. He soon meets the girl of his dreams (Daddario). With an unsupportive girlfriend, an inc...