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Taffin (1988) 5.5

Taffin (1988)

An Irish tough-guy debt collector is asked by his local community to help rid the town of developers bent on building a chemical plant on the outskirts of town. The developers are ruthless and have sent their heavies int...

The Pink Ladies (1979) 6.2

The Pink Ladies (1979)

A group of racquetball-plying married women indulge in sexual fantasies; so do their frustrated husbands.::Hermit C-2...

Murder by Contract (1958) 7.3

Murder by Contract (1958)

Claude is a young man with a regular job, no history of trouble with the law and no chance of making any real money. He also has the brains and emotional detachment to make the big bucks as a hit man, and that becomes hi...

Gardener of Eden (2007) 6.1

Gardener of Eden (2007)

Young man on the wrong track suddenly finds purpose and love when he captures a serial rapist.::Anonymous...

Snake Eater II: The Drug Buster (1989) 4.1

Snake Eater II: The Drug Buster (1989)

A Vietnam vet breaks out of a mental institution to go after drug-dealing gangsters who are selling contaminated product that is killing people.::[email protected]

Ruthless People-1986 6.9

Ruthless People-1986

Sam Stone (Danny DeVito) is a clothing manufacturer, who married his wife Barbara (Bette Midler), for the money that she was supposed to inherit from her dying father, but her father didn't die for another fifteen years....

Rocky IV-1985 6.9

Rocky IV-1985

Rocky Balboa accompanies his friend Apollo Creed to the ring in a boxing match against a Russian Boxer named Ivan Drago. Drago is too strong for Creed, and unfortunately kills him in his match. Balboa blames himself for ...

Down with Love-2003 6.2

Down with Love-2003

An homage to the early 1960s sex comedies that starred Rock Hudson and Doris Day. The story follows a best-selling female advice author who has all the answers until a sly journalist playboy starts asking the questions....

The Messenger-2009 7.1

The Messenger-2009

While on a recent deployment to Iraq, US Army Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery is injured when an improvised explosive device goes off within close proximity to him. He is back in the States recovering from the more seriou...

Perfect-1985 4.4


Fed up with writing obituaries for a local New Jersey newspaper, the inquisitive and ambitious journalist, Adam Lawrence, finally gets his big break, when--as a Rolling Stone reporter--gets to interview a well-off entrep...