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Last Ghost Standing (1999) 5.2

Last Ghost Standing (1999)

On New Years Eve 2000 the cinema on the 666 King's Road presents its last show before closure. Unfortunately the forces of Hell arise, who are very unsatisfied with the modern movie quality. A horrible, gory bloodbath st...

Love Undercover 3 (2006) 3.8
Troublesome Night 2 (1997) 5.6

Troublesome Night 2 (1997)

The second chapter of the "Troublesome Night" series, this movie consists of three stories. The first story is about a girl that called a radio show for advice and comfort after her boyfriend died tragically. One of the ...

Bullets Over Summer-1999 6.8

Bullets Over Summer-1999

Plainclothes policemen Brian and Mike use an elderly woman's apartment for surveillance, hoping to catch a fugitive gangster. They develop a warm relationship with their hostess, whom they call "granny." Meanwhile, each ...

The Road Less Traveled-2010 6.4

The Road Less Traveled-2010

Feeling guilty after accidentally killing a restaurant owner, a transport-truck driver helps take care of the owner's pregnant wife, concealing it was him that killed her husband while his own relationship falls apart.::...