It is 2017 and a resurrected Tomodachi rules the world. The prophecies of The New Book have all come true. Tomodachi predicts the end of the world through the spread of a lethal virus by aliens and forewarns that only those who believe in him will survive. Will his old school-mates Kenji, Shogun and others along with Kanna be able to stop him and will the identity of Tomodachi also be revealed?

Also Known As: 20th Century Boys - chapitre final: reprenons notre symbole, Nijisseiki shônen: Saishû-shô - Bokura no hata, 20th Century Boys 3: Redemption, 20th Century Boys: The Last Chapter - Our Flag, Парни двадцатого века: Третья глава, 20th Century Boys 3, 20-seiki shônen: Saishû-shô - Bokura no hata, 20世紀少年 最終章 ぼくらの旗, 20th century boys: Cap. 3 Redención

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