Thrust into a citywide manhunt for a duo of cop killers, NYPD detective Andre Davis begins to uncover a massive conspiracy that links his fellow police officers to a criminal empire and must decide who he is hunting and who is actually hunting him. During the manhunt, Manhattan is completely locked down for the first time in its history – no exit or entry to the island including all 21 bridges.

Also Known As: 21 Bridges, 21 Cay Cau, 21 Mostů Czech, Crime Sem Saída, 21 silda, 21 Mostov, Nueva York sin salida, 21 Most, Manhattan Lockdown, 21 мост, 21 Pontes, 21 мiст, 21 híd, 21 моста, 21 tiltas, 17

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    The woman DEA officer was going to prison for life so her daughter is going to grow up without a mother,my point is she not only was apart of a crooked cop organization she premeditated the murder of one of the drug thrives to cover-up the illegal activity of her fellow officers premeditated murder is first degree murder that’s a life sentence alone.so him saying what he said to her concerning her daughter is bull.

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  • univ-prof-otto-thorsen
    univ prof otto thorsen

    REVIEW – 21 BRIDGESNot all criminals are bad, some may break the law for the right reasons, but the law is the law and….A guy participates in a crime but the partner in the said crime kills a number of Police, so a man hunt en sues.Thus set against a story of corrupt police who were corrupt in a Robin Hood style helping other police in financial difficulties.One cop sees through this to get to the truth by (no spoilers).Personality we have seen many films like this, most recently Black and Blue which I scored highly and again this, whilst in the same spirit as Black and Blue this film actually has a more realistic feel to it which I enjoyed, I especially loved the original music used, not what you expect.Rating 8 out of 10

  • jessica-ellis
    jessica ellis

    We have Chadwick Boseman in this movie, give him some action scenes! All he does for 70% of the movie is go to a crime scene, make some macho man talk or yell at people, and then say “We got a new lead, everyone follow me,” only to do the same thing again.He is a great leading action star, let the man kick some ass, not just stand around and talk while other characters do all the shooting and stuff. He does get his moment to shine, but it is not until the very end of the movie when he gets to take on 4-5 guys by himself in a house. Before that he shoots one guy, chases people on the streets and subway, and aims guns at people while giving orders.Another issue is that the movie is kinda boring and bland until the final 30 minutes when things really start to get interesting. The story is very very predictable and you can tell who is the “real” bad guy as soon as this person enters the screen. They made it so obvious who is bad, might as well just had this character hold a sign saying “I am the real bad guy here.”The tension doesn’t rev you up until the final 30 minutes, even though you can tell they were really aiming for a “non-stop thrill ride with the story moving in real time.” It just didn’t work as good as they wanted it to unfortunately.I really wanted to like this movie, but they did not take full advantage of Chadwick Boseman’s leading man status, and the story ultimately is not about him. It is kinda a weird jumble mess that involves all characters big and small.6/10

  • costel-cristea
    costel cristea

    Great suspense thriller. Once it picks up with action it doesn’t stop.

  • viktoriia-iaremko
    viktoriia iaremko

    Another fine movie from Russo Brothers! Good work and right cast

  • tijmen-schelvis
    tijmen schelvis

    The movie is amazing it keeps you hooked i loved it the cinematography was amazing

  • rodney-lowe
    rodney lowe

    C.Boseman as a child has his cop father killed in action by some crackheads. He grows up to be a cop himself but with a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later leading to him being called up in front of a tribunal for his trigger happy ways . He says ” ya gotta look the devil in the eye ” and luckily that seems to satisfy the tribunal. Tough interview ! A whole bunch of cops are killed in a shootout with a couple of gangsters and our hero is set loose on them with the suggestion that he not bring them in alive to save the families of deceased cops the agony of seeing them go through the court system. Very early on it becomes clear that dirty cops are involved .I wouldn’t exactly call this a spoiler as anyone with two brain cells could figure it out once the action starts ……and what a lot of action there is ! Unfortunately most of it involves armed stand-offs between two characters ….. bad guy V bad guy …. bad guy V cop …. cop V cop ….I lost count after a while . The dialogue is risible . At one point the heros’ cell phone rings and he barks into it “talk to me !” …. has anyone in the real world ever said this unless making fun of cheesy dialogue ? Actually I left before end during yet another guns-drawn dialogue so maybe it managed to turn itself around in the last 20 minutes or so. I have my doubts.

  • marvin-solomon
    marvin solomon

    From the opening scene you cop the brunt of what you hope won’t be a terrible script. Unfortunately it doesn’t get any better. I’m not sure what the film was trying to do or trying to be. I’m really not. It feels like they were trying to make it a little confusing so they could reveal a twist at the end, but they blatantly give it away in the early stages.It’s hard to say if there were any good performances with the dialogue they had to contend with. I think Stephan James (Beale Street, Homecoming (TV)) was decent, but that was about it for me.There is some nice cinematography and the movie is visually appealing, but that’s all I can take out of it.

  • songhyeonsug

    A run of the mill police thriller which doesn’t really do anything new, but is still good and entertaining to watch. Not as tense as I was expecting as it focuses on the drama and the pensive stances of the lead, but the acting’s good (although the characters are rather cliché) and the action and overall style is realistic and gritty.

  • dipl-ing-diethelm-thanel-b-a
    dipl ing diethelm thanel b a

    This is a good action movie with a pretty good plot and plenty of fast action. There is plenty of gun fire and the body count quickly stacks up.I was a little disappointed in some of the acting and I thought the twist was pretty obvious but this is a good Friday night movie to just sit back and enjoy.

  • daniel-wong
    daniel wong

    “I just need the truth that’s all”. So says Andre “Dre” Davis in 2019’s 21 Bridges (my latest review). The “truth”, is that “Bridges” is nastily punchy and far from being jejune. Not a second goes by when a Glock 19, a Beretta, or a rifle silencer isn’t being drawn. Not a minute goes by when someone isn’t being chased or shot via point-blank range.21 Bridges while energized, still feels like recycled, dirty po-po movies in the stylings of Street Kings, Pride and Glory, Sleepless, and 2001’s Training Day. It’s about a NYC detective who closes down the viaducts connecting Manhattan in order to seek out some nasty cop killers.Violent, loud, he-man scripted, and containing a few plot holes (and bad New Yorker accents), “Bridges” feels a little cop thriller, film noir in its approach. Most of New York in “Bridges” looks overly dark with obvious soundstages masquerading as actual locales. What does actually look like the “Big Apple”, is a few hazy aerial shots that are numerously sprinkled throughout.Directed by a rookie in Brian Kirk (he is mostly a TV and shorts guy) and garnering a 100-minute running time, 21 Bridges comes off a little unfinished with its editing team appearing as though they’re scurrying to put out a finished project. Most of the back-stories entailing the side characters (and lead) are trite. Plus, the “Bridges” film score by Henry Jackman is overly serious to the point of being daft.Oh well. “Bridges” packs a guilty wallop if you like standard police drama twists, intervals of hailed gunfire (you can literally smell the bullets), tough-talking swipe, and lots of badass stares from Mr. Black Panther himself (that would Chadwick Boseman). “He never freezes”. My assessment: 21 Bridges “crosses over” to a 2 and a half star rating.

  • stefan-kolar
    stefan kolar

    The people who didn’t like this movie obviously watched a different movie than I did. Me and wife watched it last night and even she liked it (and she normally doesn’t like these types of movies.) I thought the writing was great, the directing was great and the cast led by Chadwick was absolutely top notch. If you like a good cop chasing the bad guys kind of movie, then this is your movie!Go watch it and enjoy!

  • dr-ivonne-espinal
    dr ivonne espinal

    When two cop killers are on the loose with 50 kilograms of uncut cocaine, detective Andre Harris (Chadwick Boseman) makes the bold move of cutting off their exit from Manhattan by blocking its 21 bridges–hence the title. I doubt a detective would have that much authority but nevermind that.From that point on it’s a race to catch these killers before 5 a.m., the time in which Manhattan will be opened back up. What Det. Harris also found out is that he was racing against more than just the clock, he was racing against others who wanted the cop killers dead to cover up a bigger crime.The movie stays fast paced for the most part. Little time is spent on exposition, back stories, or side stories. The bulk of the movie occurs within a single night so there’s no time to slow things down to delve into anyone’s personal life. It is a crime drama with some mystery involved.It was an entertaining movie, something cool to catch at a matinee while everyone else was crowding in to watch Frozen 2.

  • diana-moreira
    diana moreira

    Just enough twists and unpredictability to make this better than most cop thrillers. Whilst some of it is pretty simple the lead performance is great and it’s pacing is pretty much perfect. Much better than average if unfortunately not spectacular.

  • marusia-iarema
    marusia iarema

    If you missed classic, action packed movie, this is for you! Lots of action, everything is realistic.

  • anthony-cooke
    anthony cooke

    21 Bridges is your standard crime film, we get a few times a year. 21 Bridges isn’t anything great at all l, I enjoyed it but it’s just a somewhat plot which unfolds in a familiar way.The characters aren’t that likeable. Chadwick Boseman is great though. But the cast of people like J.K Simmons, Sienna Miller, Keith David, Taylor Kitsch, you would expect something slightly better. The twist is okay, I expected the twist at its core.Surprisingly the action is solid. It’s nothing like Heat or John Wick but it’s really well done. It’s edited and shot in a way which doesn’t use quick cuts and shaky cam. It’s just very rarely tense and exciting and that sucks.Overall it is just okay and nothing more. It’s a forgettable but fun film which makes 100 minutes pass but it’s nothing worth watching.

  • lacis-rute
    lacis rute

    Well folks, you can at anytime make room to go and see this movie . It is really good , from all the points of view ( ? ) : directorship , acting, script . The cinematography was a bit to dark, yes i understand ,that’s the script, otherwise the whole movie was to cost way over this small 33mil. And that’s the merit of everyone in making this movie : whit such a small budget , a such a really good movie . Not perfect , but not bad at all . Money well spend .

  • abraham-haro-galvan
    abraham haro galvan

    This is the type of film I’ve seen a hundred times or more on DVD, Netflix etc, but for some reason never think of going to see at the cinema. Our multiplex is getting renovated so they’re a few screens down and when we got down there it was the only thing about to start in the next half hour. It’s not going to win awards but it will entertain you.. it’s not really going to keep you guessing but you will want to see how it pans out. It’s not going to stay in my memory but it does make me want to see more of this type at the cinema rather than at home. Good, honest film.

  • leif-tveit
    leif tveit

    Good old fashioned cops and robbers movie,solid acting and great shootouts.Wish there was more of this type of movie!

  • drosos-kottas
    drosos kottas

    I thought it was pretty thrilling and suspenseful police drama, that went fast enough not to bore me. I found the production to be pretty big with the whole thing about the movie being produced by the same guys who made Avengers: End game and it has a decent set of actors in it, but you’re not going to get any substance from it. No depth just action. It has a message but the message does not out weight the dramatic action sequences. The Russo brothers could have done so much more with what they were given but they didn’t. And is that what Chadwick Boseman really sounds like? I herd him mimic so many famous black people that I had no idea what he actually sounds like. Anyway. It’s a good popcorn eating action movie. It’s not met to win awards just make you satisfied when spending the two hours to see it.

  • arsen-agshehiryan
    arsen agshehiryan

    I just got out of 21 BridgesIt’s predictable (The twists are obvious) the dialogue is also routine and predictable (my son was saying some of the lines before the actors) but overall, I enjoyed it. A decent enough way to pass 90 minutesChadwick Bosnan is an effective leader and JK Simmons offers solid support but the always awesome Kieth David was under used and whilst the rest of the cast (Sienna Miller, Taylor Kitch) is all fine, it Stephen James was the stand out for me, I actually wanted him to get away at times.There were only 19 other people in my screening

  • sabrina-armstrong
    sabrina armstrong

    21 Bridges is a great crime thriller that’s tense and thrilling and also manages to (surprisingly) explore some morally grey aspects, despite it’s generic plot. Chadwick Boseman gives a great lead performance. Taylor Kitsch and Stephan James are also great and Sienna Miller and J. K. Simmons are both really good. Brian Kirk’s direction is excellent, keeping the film constantly moving and mobile, resulting in a great pace. The shootouts are well filmed and thrilling. The music by Henry Jackman and Alex Belcher is fantastic.

  • georgia-aspasia-theodosiadou
    georgia aspasia theodosiadou

    Ok, so the sub-plot and underlying corruption is NOT original, the integrity of the 3 main actors lends it to a murky, atmospheric cop ride not seen for some time.The two shooters, Kitsch and James, and the detective, Boseman, make this for riveting and oft times suspense-ful dramaGlad to see a gritty cop flick again

  • marcel-lefevre
    marcel lefevre

    This Chadwick Bose man film is gripping thriller and there is no time you will feel bored watching it. The treatment to such a simple script which falls short due to its predictability is overcome by stinctilating cinematography, memorable well written characters and a believable premise set in Manhattan New York. The Climax tells a bigger picture of the cops world giving us a glimpse of the system as a whole with Stephan James and Chadwick Boseman leaving an impact with their honest performances. Give it a Watch for sure.

  • t-ea-chanturia
    t ea chanturia

    Many may have come just to see Chadwick Boseman and they shouldn’t be disappointed. But there are other good things about this movie. It has one hell of a tight script. Throughout the 100 minutes runtime, there is not a single wasted, idle shot (no pun intended). There is also a good supporting cast, which I’ll come to later.The movie is almost real-time, starting from a midnight robbery gone wrong, resulting in the killing of eight offices of the NYPD. Manhattan is sealed off (hence “21 bridges” plus all other access routes) and the NYPD is given just a few hours to dawn to apprehend the perpetrators, before the FBI takes it off their hands. Running almost like real-time, the movie immediately kicks into high gear.Paring up on this mission-almost-impossible are detective Andre Davis (Chadwick Boseman), “the guy who kills cop-killers” and narcotics officer Frankie Burns (Sienna Miller), tough as a bone, with a will of her own (thanks, W.S. Gilbert, of “Gilbert and Sullivan”). This co-lead billing notwithstanding, his is clearly a lead role and hers a strong support. Police Captain McKenna (J.K. Simmons), shaken by the loss of eight of his family-like officers, hints to Davis to live up to his reputation and take no prisoners. Despite such reputation, however, Davis has never shot a criminal without just cause. Burns, impeccably professional, has a little daughter waiting for her at home, under the care of a babysitter. The two criminals who blundered into this unexpected disaster are Ray (Taylor Kitsch) and Michael (Stephan James), both war veterans. Ray is the typical villain while Michael, although loyal to him, has more sense and compassion.I am not going into the detail plot which, needless to say, has twists and turns. With good character development (albeit within the real time of a few hours), running parallel are a police procedural and a crime story from the POV of the criminals. Excellent script, direction and acting together make sure that your attention is focused during the entire duration of the movie.Boseman is pitch perfect, indisputably demonstrating that he has a lot to offer beyond Black Panther. Miller, unlike the glamour support in “Stardust” (2007), is all character-acting here. Kitsch, in his first (I think) crack at a key villain role, delivers. Matching him scene for scene, and then more, is James. Ever reliable, Simmons handles his not-so-simple role effortlessly.This is an exceptionally good crime and action drama.

  • bay-copur-erenalp-ulker
    bay copur erenalp ulker

    The film was a pleasant surprise. Nothing new here but the camera work and action scenes were marvelous. Although the plot is not original the story was fine with good editing. Interesting take on “Manhattan island”, however the script could have been better and acting was average at times. Nice Friday night flick!