26 years ago, state troops were ordered to open fire on civilians in the city of Gwangju who were demonstrating as apart of a democratic movement. Thousands of civilians were killed. Now, a shooter from the national team, a gang member, a policeman, CEO from a large company and director of a private security outfit get involved in a plan to convict the person responsible for the massacre that occurred during the Gwangju Democratization Movement. Kwak Jin-Bae (Jin Goo) is a gang member who lost his father in the Gwangju Democratization Movement. He wants to get revenge. Shim Mi-Jin (Han Hye-Jin) is a shooter from the national team. She is the shooter for the covert team. Policeman Kwon Jung-Kyuk (Im Seul-Ong) lost his family in the Gwangju Democratization Movement. He is now responsible for the cars that have access to the ex-president’s house.

Also Known As: 26 Anos, 26 nyeon, 26 Years

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  • anti-communism
    Anti Communism

    Although the film was made based on facts, this is very different from the facts. And in the case of this incident, it is a tragic event caused by the guerrilla commandos of North Korea penetrating into South Korea and impulsing Kwangju citizens. Behind it is Kim Jung-eun, Kim’s grandfather. Many people are seriously worried that this tragedy will happen again soon by North Korean troops. In particular, those who made these films were anti-governmental films of those who were deeply imbued with North Korea’s Juche idea. In conclusion, this film is a rubbish film deserved to be cut.

  • jan-berg
    jan berg

    26 YEARS is another hard-hitting South Korean thriller, based around the infamous Gwangju massacre of 1980 which was Korea’s own Tiananmen Square incident. The title refers to the main action taking place twenty-six years after the event, where an assembled motley group of survivors and relatives of those killed in 1980 decide to get revenge on the politician responsible. As with most Korean films I’ve seen, this one is expertly directed and photographed, with the inventive use of animation to play out key events of the past. It’s a little overlong and a little heavy on the emoting side of things – a familiar aspect of Korean cinema – but the thriller aspects are wonderfully portrayed, with some highly suspenseful set-pieces building to an elaborate, exciting climax.

    • anti-communism
      Anti Communism

      However, this film is very different from the fact that it was an anti-democratic instigating film, in which a North Korean guerrilla force infiltrated Gwangju at the time and slaughtered innocent civilians. There is evidence of gun deaths in the Calvin rifle. At this time, the regular weapons were carried by the M16. I feel angry that the movie is misleading as if it were true.

  • dillon-hall
    dillon hall

    an unpleasant and long movie trying to extract negative emotion from the audience. a child splattered with the mother’s blood crying, she has been shot in the head, but there is no brain, after all she’s a woman, right? the, by now, usual korean movie violence, but not much else. a shallow and tardily plea for regicide, comparable with the middle age European texts. a shallow understanding of life in general, but who cares when revenge stories sell?

    • anti-communism
      Anti Communism

      It is an incitement film made by communists to destroy democracy.

  • beatrike-margia
    beatrike margia

    Nice plot, but the whole movie feels so lengthy and slow moving I had to fast forward few times (watched this on Netflix). The last part is intense. But what’s the ending supposed to mean? I believe the ex-president remain in power, while those 3 people looking for revenge eventually died and all their efforts were futile. Sad, but that kind of ending is expected from korean movies

  • speranta-nistor
    speranta nistor

    This movie was a waste of time. It is a long drawn out movie without great character development. I would not watch this movie again, and I wouldn’t recommend this movie for other people to watch.

    • anti-communism
      Anti Communism


  • monika-fraczkiewicz
    monika fraczkiewicz

    Not so suspenseful after the first assassination attempt. This hopeful action film evolved to a drama focused movie, with many cheesy dialogue. There was this sense of fair from the production crew, like they’re afraid of stepping over political lines. It made the movie unorganized and consist of uncorrelated scenes; And prolonging the final attempt to kill Chun Doo Hwan. I felt unsympathetic for the characters in the movie, and unjust as an audience at the end when they don’t show the final kill. They leave it as a cliffhanger, as in the korean film culture values it.

  • dr-merethe-lund
    dr merethe lund

    Really long and very frustrating… No vengeance at all.. Just scene after scene of how the bad guys win… I suppose maybe it was that way on the real world…

  • prof-eberhard-stadelmann-b-a
    prof eberhard stadelmann b a

    Good casting. Each of the actors had some charm that kept me intrigued. The cinematographers captured South Korea well, and I enjoyed looking at the scenery. There are a few scenes in particular that may turn some of the viewers off. I think it’s common in South Korean movies to have scenes that stretch on longer than they should. At the last second (again), something happens to extend the scene or add suspense. Overall, I enjoyed watching this movie and would recommend it, especially if you’re interested in the Gwangju Massacre.

    • anti-communism
      Anti Communism

      This incident occurred in Gwangju, South Korea in May 1980, but it is totally different from the movie. At that time, North Korean guerrilla forces infiltrated Gwangju and slaughtered innocent Kwangju citizens. Behind Gwangju’s massacre, we must remember the riots of North Korean Kim Il Sung worshipers.

  • otavio-nogueira
    otavio nogueira

    By the end I was yelling at the screen! Shoot! Based on true events on the story of Korea, and unfortunately with similitude to Mexico in 1968, made this film so intense, it is like having six cups of coffee within six minutes, it is like failing to catch the last train home and losing it after running a mile. The movie builds up slowly and fatefully to its purpose, the acting, what can we say? It’s a Korean movie, different but compelling. How much can you wish that one of the movie characters gets to die? Especially when you know is a rotten human being much like the Mexican president Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, who before the Olympics in Mexico City, ordered the soldiers to shoot on innocent people on October 2, 1968. I was wondering if ever anyone related to the massacred kids in Tlatelolco, ever fantasize on doing something like in “26 Years” , and “El paciente interno” (THE CONVICT PATIENT) (2012) seems to be the answer to the question, unfortunately I haven’t seen this documentary or heard about director Alejandro Solar, but definitely I am looking forward to see his work . To anyone interested in the subject I would recommend “Rojo amanecer” Red Dawn (1990) directed by Jorge Fons, even though the movie presents the story only from “the experience” of one family living in one of the Tlatelolco Buildings. The Koreans, the Chinese in Tiananmen plaza, and many other places in the world have suffer, and lived in terrifying memories. Too bad in real life dictator Augusto Pinochet died of old age, too bad Gustavo Diaz Ordaz never was punished, and too bad Chun Doo-Hwan is still living virtually free! “26 Years” is a good movie that I would recommend to those who like to think and reflect about the past and future of any society on our messed up world.

    • anti-communism
      Anti Communism

      This is a propaganda film made to incite communism. It’s quite different from the facts.

  • andreas-aasen
    andreas aasen

    Actually, there are two kinds of Korean cinema: the true Korean, genuine Korean scheme, and the Hollywood like one: the kind i hate with super heroes, action packed movies and of course f…happy endings. Useless to say that this feature belongs to the first category. Gripping, poignant, brutal, it could never be an American feature. But it is sometimes too long, a bit ankward, and the final ending disappointed me a little.

  • henrique-rocha
    henrique rocha

    This movie is so awesome! Should get more worldwide attention but its not because this is surely not Kim ki duk’s art house. About a victim’s family who want to take revenge after what happened to their family 26 years ago in Gwangju’s massacre, very well constructed and so unpredictable, its a true story I guess because at their ending credit they listed a lot of name,of victim of the gwangju’s massacre.Got sufficient tension, great acting, some saddy moment that make me cry and honestly I rarely cry watching movie although they say their genre are drama. If you love good thrilling movie just like the chaser, yellow sea, memories of murder, i saw the devil, and many more excellent korean thriller you will absolutely love this! If not I will punch myself in the face just like edward norton in fight club!

    • anti-communism
      Anti Communism

      This is a propaganda film made to incite communism. It’s quite different from the facts. Namely rubbish film.