After being imprisoned for 10 years, the “Devil’s Rejects” are back at it again. Otis (Bill Moseley) escapes prison, meets Winslow (Richard Brake), and devises a plan to get his sister Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie) out too. The Rejects make their way down the road and into Mexico, killing countless people on their way. They find a place to stay, but are soon bombarded with a large group of killers- killers who are after these Three From Hell. Only one group can come out alive, and with the experience these three have, it’ll just have to be one great killing joyride.

Also Known As: Traja z pekla, Three from Hell, Tři z pekla Czech, Os 3 Infernais, Los 3 del infierno, 3 from Hell, 3 From Hell, Трое из ада

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  • eric


  • dusanka-kolar
    dusanka kolar

    Not when it comes to his writing, his camera work, his editing. Anything. He writes it all, films it, puts it all in. A character will do something, then immediately tell you what they just did. Zombie has to throw in references to past movie stars and movies then explain why. He can’t take his tracking camera off his wife – who CANNOT act – until an song plays for far too long to hammer in the lyrical significance. Then he plays the same song diegetically when his 80’s-style full-length music video tribute to his spouse ends. SCREAM.Because he throws in everything hoping something works, he continues to cause problems with the pacing of his filmed experiments. This one is very slow at two hours. And not nearly as violent as it should have been. It’s fairly talky and fairly corny.

  • anne-muller
    anne muller

    This movie, considering the circumstances that lead to Captain Spaulding(Sid Haig) to be forced out of the plot out of necessity for his health, is amazing and a worthy successor. This film was rewritten several times last minute simply because one of the leads just couldn’t do the role anymore. It’s incredibly sad that was what happened and of course nobody wants anything but for Sid to be happy and healthy again but the fact is that life forced a change.if it had been made a year before or so maybe we would have gotten the original idea but for what it is this movie still manages to be a good sequel. Otis has matured into a grizzled felon who just seems to want what little family he has left and a place to fuck, drink and otherwise debatch to his hearts content. Baby is literally insane after years in solitary and shines(as she her self so eloquently put it) the star of the fucking show. As for Foxy, while not the Cap’ he’s still a nice creepy white trash companion for the last remaining Rejects. While the plots is admittedly a bit weak and meandering at times this is still fundamentally a movie about straight up crazy murdering hillbillies going on another rape, murder and torture spree fuled by needle drops, copious drugs and drink and a very helpful Spanish dwarf. SANCTUARY!!!

  • paulette-boucher
    paulette boucher

    I have been looking forward to this ever since they started talking about doing a 3rd one. I bought tickets the minute they went on sale!! Excited beyond belief!! Then… meh. After The Devil’s Rejects, this is such a bad way to continue them. You let them live to basically do nothing with the characters afterwards. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. I gave a 2 because the soundtrack was great. Otherwise, the plot holes and bad script just ruined it.

  • craig-sinclair
    craig sinclair

    I like House of 1000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects, but this legit was one of the most unnecessary, tedious sequels of all-time. ‘Tis a shame. ;(

  • tiina-viitanen
    tiina viitanen

    This would of worked great as a first entry or stand alone film. As a follow up to the masterpiece “The Devils Rejects” it falls short . Especially disappointed in the violence or lack there of, it was very tame. Otis and Baby are legendary characters and worked well, and it’s surprisingly pretty funny. Richard Brake did well, but kinda didn’t fit. I hope they make one more and give us the ultra violent swan song Otis and Baby deserve.

  • mantas-nauseda
    mantas nauseda

    Totally lame and Capt. Spaulding got too old to play ax murderer, so they slapped some used condoms onto a table and made us a sculpture of profanity and shame that wasnt even that repulsive. CGI BLOOOD! looked lame. I was actually embarrassed that I was even in the theatre. I dont know, it was like Mariachi but with dudes in wrestling masks, and not really clever or fun.

  • ddaanii-kumaarii
    ddaanii kumaarii

    I got House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects in my not too small horror collection but Three from Hell won’t make it there – not even just for the purpose to complete my collection. While House of 1000 Corpses looked like a fine tribute to the genre, Three from Hell looks and tastes stale:, not a total fail but an unnecessary addition to the journey of the Fireflys.

  • nils-amundsen
    nils amundsen

    Even before the film begins, you are immediately told by the director himself Rob Zombie that there was no intention to create a third film in the series. His masterpiece had come and gone 15 years ago and yet the too often need to relish in past greatness came back to haunt him. The film is nothing like its predecessor’s. Its pacing is slow and even annoying at times. Worse the film becomes derivative as it goes on taking useless over amassed tropes to new heights. He could have done so much better and I know that in my heart. But two hours later, like me you’ll know why this was only a “3 Day Event”.

  • mimi-mathiasen
    mimi mathiasen

    I’m gonna keep this pretty short, sweet and to-the-point (MILD spoilers ahead). I (like many people) was very skeptical of this movie for a few reasons: 1. It’s been 14 years since The Devil’s Rejects! 2. Rob could never make a movie more disturbing than T.D.R. 3. Rob could also never top the ending of T.D.R.With all that being said, I was NOT disappointed! I think Rob knew he couldn’t one-up any aspect of T.D.R., so rather than try to (which wouldn’t have worked) he just continued the story.3 From Hell picks up right where T.D.R. left off (and Rob even took the 14 year gap into consideration when writing the script) and this is where my only complaint with the movie lies: we are just briefly told how each Reject was shot 20 times and they have a 1:1,000,000 chance of survival, BUT no explanation as to how they survived is really given; however, you can infer by the “Satanic Recovery” newspaper headline, that the Devil kept them alive to continue doing His work.I know a lot of people are upset that Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig) only has a few minutes of screen time, but (in case you didn’t know) Haig has been in and out of the hospital in real life, so Rob decided to kill his character off early and bring in Richard Brake (31’s Doom-head) to round out the “3” From Hell.Not only was Brake a great addition as Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie) and Otis’ (Bill Mosely) half-brother, but Baby was AMAZING in this movie! She was back and crazier than ever (this trilogy is a prime example of how great she’d be as Harley Quinn) and Otis was his usual crazy/satanic/leader self.To wrap this up: 3.F.H. wasn’t as campy as House of 1000 Corpses, nor was it as sadistic as T.D.R.; it was a nice in-between and a nice ending to a great trilogy by Mr. Zombie!

  • kaupas-paulina
    kaupas paulina

    Dissapointed over this film. Its sad and I really miss Captain Spaulding. This is no horror movie its more like a “I just have to do this movie” I just wanted the film to be over.

  • isabel-colombo
    isabel colombo

    C’mon rob u need to stop with shoving a non talented actress in your movies your wife is awful like you can love her maybe great wife but actress? No! I say this as a fan. u put her in your movies the movie will fail. Just like this movie bill Moseley was the star and carried this movie but even he can do only so much. I think rob should give another try in horror that isnt white trash serial killer with the crazy white trash female character (Sheri moon)cause hes on to something but just not there yet maybe creature feature for example. As for this film it should’ve never been made and def dont waist money seeing it.

  • michael-morales
    michael morales

    Story line was rather boring and it missed Sid Haig big time. The movie should have been cancelled when he couldn’t be a real part of it.

  • camila-costa
    camila costa

    I was lukewarm on House of 1,000 Corpses, but The Devil’s Rejects remains one of the most interesting horror films of the past 15/20 years, so I was eagerly awaiting to see what Rob Zombie would do to bring his Firefly clan back. Pretty soon into the film, I realized that, sometimes, it’s better to end on a high note than to drag things out past their expiration dates.After their 70’s killing spree, the Firefly clan have been sent to prison. They quickly write out Captain Spaulding (due to Sid Haig’s poor health) and bring in a character we’ve never even seen or heard of before that’s supposed to be some sort of half-brother of Otis and Baby (played by Richard Brake). He helps them escape and pretty soon they’re back on the run, murdering and causing havoc wherever they go.Structurally, 3 From Hell is more Devil’s Rejects than House of 1,000 Corpses, but the problem is they copy that structure to a T. Once the gang’s back, there’s a siege upon two couples that’s very much like the siege upon the country band in The Devil’s Rejects. After that, they all get in a van and end up in Mexico which feels just like the scenes in Ken Foree’s ranch in that same film. There’s also a character who wants to avenge a family member who died at the hands of the Firefly family like in that film. It feels like Rob Zombie took the structure of that film and just barely changed a few details to make it seem different enough to greenlight.3 From Hell feels like one of those great TV shows that’s managed to overstretch itself out into 2 or 3 more mediocre and unnecessary seasons where the actors and writers we used to love are mostly going through the motions. It feels oddly passionless and pedestrian throughout as if everyone was just trying to play it safe enough until they could get their paycheck. There are a few highs here and there, but it’s far from a return to form or a necessary addition to the series.

  • hovhannes-oznets-yan
    hovhannes oznets yan

    It’s just plain terrible, avoid as it will leave you thinking the other 2 films probably weren’t that great.

  • kevin-chavez
    kevin chavez

    Ill keep this short. A 9 or 10 rate of this movie and I have to question a persons knowledge of horror/grindhouse movies. This wasnt even so bad it was good. This was simply a quick grab for cash from heavy metal rob and im going to puke if i have to hear his wife aka baby’s stupid fake laugh ever again! If you thought 31 or Lords of Salem was bad, you aint seen nothing yet!

  • melanie-estes
    melanie estes

    Disappointed, hoped would be better. Baby Firefly way over the top to the point of being frustratingly annoying. Otis still very much the same, thankfully. Foxy was a welcomed addition.

  • despina-oprea
    despina oprea

    I don’t want to spoil anything but the fireflies were better off dead. I had such high hopes for this. Bought tickets the moment they went on sale. Caught myself checking my watch to see when it would end. Still a huge Zombie fan but this felt like a miss.

  • cira-ricci
    cira ricci

    I was very bored and wanted to get up and leave multiple time but made it through the $15.00 I lost to this let down. I love Zombies music and 4 films. This didn’t make sense to me, felt watered down for a NC17 rating he needs to call it quits.

  • julie-morley
    julie morley

    If you are like me, you probably thought that the ending to The Devils Rejects was incredible, almost majestic. TDR was one of the best horror movies at the time and was a great equal. With that said, 3 From Hell was not. If you are someone that just watched House of 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects for the first time recently, you might enjoy 3 From Hell. If you have been waiting the 14 years for this movie, it will be a let down. Zombie ended TDR on an incredible note, so having those 14 years to plan out another return of the Firefly family, you would think it would be something unique and unexpected. It wasn’t. Your explanation to it was ‘odds of their survival are 1,000,000 to 1. They survived’. That’s it. I’ll put that aside for now. The movie also felt like it was missing a solid plot, but maybe that is what Zombie was going for. The last thing that kind of annoyed me about this movie was 2 scenes. I won’t spoil them, but it has almost exactly the same feel as the Hotel scene and the strip club scene in TDR. Overall, it had so much potential and could have been a great movie, but it just failed to hit that level. Worth the 2 hours and $15, but The Devils Rejects will still be Zombies best work in my opinion.

  • amalia-sempepou
    amalia sempepou

    Exactly what I was hoping for and more! Very gruesome, profanity filled, gritty, gratuitous, comedic, excellent soundtrack and has great dialogue like the other films. Bill Mosley, Richard Brake, and Sheri Moon Zombie are delightfully entertaining along with the rest of the cast. I’m sure this will have mixed opinions and I will be on the side that absolutely loved 3 From Hell!!

  • larisa-teslia
    larisa teslia

    Had high hopes like every one with this flick. When Rob revealed that Sid/Captain Spaulding was only utilized for one day of the shoot and not part of the “3”, my hopes fell significantly. His only scene (yes, scene) lasted 5 minutes, and like the wind is gone forever. Danny Trejo, same fate of a five minute scene. The plot is predictable (this is the Firefly family after all) and strains credulity at points. Definitely a disappointment for me, perhaps as a stand alone movie this would have worked but as a sequel to DR it fails miserably IMO

  • lisa-craig
    lisa craig

    I really enjoyed The Devil’s Rejects, but this was just a tired rehash. It follows the obligatory formula: setup that establishes how crazy people are, a group of people taken hostage and murdered, the Firefly family running away and then getting betrayed by someone, then a lot of shooting. There’s lots of naked women and the trademark kaleidoscope scene that has unfortunately become Rob Zombie’s trademark. Sherri Moon Zombie tries to play crazy but comes of as ridiculously annoying, while the rest of the ensemble is lackluster. The script was atrocious; the lines that were supposed to convey the most gravitas were laughably bad, so much so that the person behind me asked her companion if this was supposed to be horror or a comedy. The sole high point was the soundtrack – it was really, really well-done and complimented the movie perfectly.Final verdict: don’t be in a hurry to pay to see this, even when it releases on digital. Wait a couple more years and catch it when it streams on Shudder.

  • grishin-vlas-avdeevich
    grishin vlas avdeevich

    I attended the 3rd and final night of the film’s theatrical presentation. The 3rd night happened to be a double feature featuring The Devil’s Rejects leading right into it’s sequel. I think this was unfortunately a fatal decision since it truly shows how inferior of a film this is to its predecessor. From incredible first act problems to 75% of plot points being rehashed from the previous film, 3 From Hell falls flat. Imagine a car continuously stalling, it gets so close to taking off, but perpetually stalls. This film lacked that dirty, nasty, gross taste we expect with a Rob Zombie film and instead replaces it with silly silly humor and Hollywood production. The film gradually feels more Hollywood and standard as we approach the third act which presents itself like one big reshot 3rd act almost completely separate from themes and character arcs presented in the first half of the film. While it was a joy to see the Firefly family once again, I feel this film ultimately tarnishes the image of the first two thirds of this trilogy. Predictable and tame; two words I’d never expect to describe a sequel to The Devil’s Rejects.

  • gkikas-raptes
    gkikas raptes

    I guess you just can’t go back and re-capture that magic and honesty of House of 1,000 Corpses and the superior The Devil’s Rejects. I give kudos to Rob for giving it a go but this movie just plain fell flat. All the ingredients were there…Gore, blood, guts, filth, profanity, humor, revenge. I just was not able to get excited scared or involved with the film. It wasn’t slow, it was just meh. Granted, I have never been a fan of Sheri Moon and I think she has taken every movie down a notch or two that Rob insists on including her in. Verily, her scenes are like some sort of music video with her prancing around all “evil” and cutesy in slow motion. She’s clearly the centerpiece here and that’s a shame because Bill Moseley is the king of horror and although he does his best with the material at hand, he can’t salvage the script and the overall “story”. New guy, Richard Brake the “brother in law” does a decent job filling the gap left by Sid Haig (who does have a brief appearance in the film), but it all feels very forced and lacks overall conviction. It’s just “meh” and I really wanted it to be Rejects part 2.I realize we aren’t dissecting the works of Shakespeare here. It’s a Rob Zombie horror film. Those that love everything he does, will love it. I personally think he got it right with House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, but ever since then…he’s been trying to recapture that glory and has failed to do so.

  • dra-marina-ribeiro
    dra marina ribeiro

    Zombie is a very talented person and I’m a extremely big horror buff but I can’t say many good things about this movie. Let’s start with the good. Theres a lot of Blood and profanity BUT no matter how much of that you toss into a movie it doesn’t make it any better. This is by far one of his worst movies ( and that’s coming from someone who found enjoyment in 31 and lords of Salem ) Here’s the bad. The plot has little to no meat on it, the zoomed in angles makes it hard to enjoy the violence cause all you see at times is a cheekbone, then blood, palm, then blood and so on. The characters you want to see more of have little to no screen time, and everything is so exaggerated that you really have to suspend ALL DISBELIEF while watching.Save your money and rent it in a couple of weeks cause yes……this is a straight to DVD kinda movie that stole people’s money for a 3 day release.