While hunting in the forest, Lord Asano of Ako and his samurai find a young half-breed and take him with them to live in the castle. Several years later, Lord Asano holds a tournament to welcome the Shogun to Ako. The night after the tournament, Lord Asano is bewitched into hurting Lord Kira of Nagato, and is punished into committing seppuku by the Shogun. Realizing that it was a Lord Kira’s evil plot, the samurais and the half-breed sets out for revenge against the Shogun’s order.

Also Known As: 47 ронинов, 47 ronina, 47 Ronin: La Leyenda del Samurai, 47 roninów, 47 Ronin - A Grande Batalha Samurai, 47 Ronins, 47 Ronin: La leyenda del samurái, 47 Róninu Czech, Ronin: 47 pentru razbunare, 47 ронини, 47 Ronin, 47 Ронiн, La leyenda del samurái: 47 Ronin, 47 Roninai, 47 ronin, 47 Ronin: La leyenda del samurai

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  • jolanda-strukelj
    jolanda strukelj

    Let’s start with the positive aspects of this movie. I liked the choreography of the sword fights, the CGI Effects and Art Direction. The big budget of the movie is noticeable in every scene. Especially the fights against these strange fantasy creatures are staged excellent and were very likable. Unfortunately there is nothing more positive to say about 47 Ronin in my opinion.One of the biggest problems is that it is much too slow paced and just plain boring most of the time. The characters are not interesting at all and their intentions are not understandable or you just don’t care about them. There is also practically no explanation about the fantasy creatures and their relation to the human race. You never really get to know why everyone hates Kai so much. They just keep ranting something about him being a demon. Also the romantic part, which is pretty important because it determines all the actions of the main protagonist, is only implied in 1 or 2 short scenes and is not convincing at all. You also never get a feeling for this group of 47 Ronin because they get no screen time and the only acting persons are Kai and Oishi. Just at the end you get some impressions of the spirit in this group of warriors and their great goal to seek for revenge.Until the final scene i would have rated about 4 or 5 out of 10, because it is despite all the critic a mediocre movie, which is at some points quite entertaining. But the end destroyed the movie for me. I have to say, i didn’t know about the actual Japanese national myth so the final scene hit me completely unprepared. I was already pretty annoyed at this point about these odd people always committing suicide or crouching in the dirt at the feet of some laughable shogun. But this idiotic ending gave me the rest. Everyone commits suicide after saving the day by killing the evil prince and his witch? I know that this is a movie about a myth in the culture of the old Japan and not some Hollywood story, but in my opinion that doesn’t matter. They are still presenting us this absurd mass suicide as noble and glorious gesture of brave soldiers and there is obviously nothing wrong with that. You cannot combine stuff like that with some dumb Disney entertainment.P.S.: Please excuse my poor English. As i am no native speaker, there will be probably many mistakes in my review. I tried my best 😉

  • hannah-bell
    hannah bell

    Too many cliché images of Black/Dark = Evil and Reddish/Warm = Good. More like a Disney cartoon for kids than a serious movie. The Villains are too cliché in their need to kill and murder everyone, and the Good Guys too cliché in their need to protect the smallest farmer (as Samuari of Feudal Japan – not speaking of their “Ronin” status later in the movie). Ridiculous costumes for certain characters do the rest. Cliché Romance between underdog and high ranking woman. Its the 101 of movie making, no surprises, no tension, predictable to the end. The action is also very standart with no surprises or anything remotely noteworthy – standart swordsplay boringly choreographed. Yes Keanu Reeves plays a more “supporting” character which often helps since he is one of the worst actors I know. But any scene with him certainly does not help this movie.The movie feels more like either a Kids movie (age 8 to 16) or like a over budgeted film project of some undergrads learning 101 of cliché cinematography and movie writing.avoid or watch when you have no better options and are bored out of your skull (and as such I count any B&W Japanese Samurai Movie)Great material butchered by 101 of Hollywood movie making.

    • anonymous

      Keanu is a good actor your just a dumbass who likes to slander for fun if you wanna do that don’t even comment on the movie

  • greta-briedis
    greta briedis

    Ethnocentrism occurs when one culture appropriates something from another culture and then attempts to enhance it. The latest version of the legendary Genroku Akō incident, the tragic 18th century Japanese account of samurai warriors avenging their fallen leader, displays all the vestiges of ethnocentrism. Mind you, the Japanese produced six previous cinematic adaptations about their historic milestone before Hollywood tampered with it. For the record, those movies were “The 47 Ronin” (1941), “Chûshingura” (1958), “Chushingura” (1962), “The Fall of Ako Castle” (1978), “47 Ronin” (1994) and “The Last Chushingura (2010). Presumably, Hollywood must have felt that this constituted an ideal opportunity to produce its own spin on this venerable story. Not surprisingly, Universal Studios has taken considerable liberties with the material. Not only has the studio embroidered this renowned tale of honor with outlandish supernatural elements, specifically demons and witchcraft, but it also has added a half-breed European supporting character to the yarn. Presumably, Universal must have felt that attracting an American audience to a $200-million plus film primarily about the Japanese would only recoup its costs if a major American actor got mixed up in it. Keanu Reeves of “The Matrix” trilogy appears as the improbable white guy who sets the catastrophic events of the Akō vendetta into motion as well as dictates how the Japanese can resolve their dreadful predicament. Freshman director Carl Rinsch and “Wanted” scenarist Chris Morgan with “Snow White and the Huntsman” scribe Hossein Amini have fashioned a conventional chronicle of samurai versus samurai, with a grim finale that precludes any thought of a sequel. If you know nothing about the outrageous revisions that the filmmakers have imposed on the most celebrated instance of the samurai code of honor, you will probably enjoy this scenic saga about sword and sorcery a lot more. Imagine what any important event in American history would emerge as if a Japanese individual interfered with it and you’ll have a good idea about “47 Ronin.” “47 Ronin” takes place in feudal Japan in the 1700s. Lord Asano (Min Tanaka of “Black Dawn”) of the Ako province adopts a wandering teenager, Kai (Keanu Reeves), who is the son of a British sailor and a Japanese peasant. The boy’s mother abandoned him, and demons raised him. Eventually Kai ran away from them and Lord Asano took him in as one of his own. Kai grew up with Asano’s daughter, Mika (Kô Shibasaki of “One Missed Call”), and the two become romantically attracted to each other. Meanwhile, since Kai is a half-breed, he cannot serve Lord Asano as a samurai. Instead, he functions as the equivalent of a scout. The first major scene shows him slaying a massive beast that resembles an enormous buffalo with tree branches for antlers. Naturally, another samurai warrior, Yasuno (Masayoshi Haneda of “Emperor”), claims credit for the kill, but Asano’s number one samurai, Ôishi (Hiroyuki Sanada of “The Wolverine”), knows the truth. Later, Lord Asano welcomes his supreme leader, Shogun Tsunayoshi (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa of “Mortal Combat”), to his palatial estate along with his chief rival, Lord Kira (Tadanobu Asano of “Thor: The Dark World”), from the nearby Nagato province. The villainous Kira conspires with the aid of a demonic, shape-shifting witch, (Rinko Kikuchi of “Pacific Rim”), to drug Asano into attacking him. The witch uses a bulbous spider to deliver a drug across Asano’s lips while he is asleep so that he awakens and imagines that Kira is raping his daughter. Appalled by his own behavior, Asano follows the dictates of the Shogun in committing ritual suicide. Ôishi blames himself for letting these events transpire, especially after Kai warned him about the witch. Everybody but Asano and his daughter treats Kai with utter contempt. After Asano slashes his belly open with a knife, Ôishi completes the ordeal by decapitating his master. The heartless Shogun banishes all Asano’s samurai who are now designated as ronin. At the same time, Kira sells Kai into slavery where Kai becomes a highly prized combatant in arena showdowns. The Shogun commands Mika to marry Kira after mourning the death of her father for a year. Kira has Ôishi thrown into a dungeon where he spends the next year. Eventually, after he is released, the vengeance driven Ôishi assembles the remaining samurai and persuades Kai to join them as they set out to deal with the murderous Kira.Compared with other samurai sages, “47 Ronin” is fairly routine stuff. The battle sequences lack grandeur, and the sword play is pretty dull. The massive ritual suicide at the end isn’t exactly what American audiences will enjoy. Imagine “Star Wars” ending with everybody eviscerating themselves at fade-out and you have a good idea what to expect. This big-budgeted spectacle also suffers from second-rate special effects. Most of the sprawling mountain backdrops are clearly computer-generated, while the swirling witch’s dragon looks like something out of a Chinatown carnival. Presumably, Rinsch and his writers decided to rely on sorcery because nobody knows for certain why Asano attacked his guest in real-life. The way that Asano is poisoned is reminiscent of how the Japanese girl died at the hands of Ninjas in the James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice.” In “You Only Live Twice,” a ninja hid in the rafters, dangled a thread above the heroine’s mouth, and dribbled poison down it. The witch in “47 Ronin” behaves less spectacularly than the witch in “Snow White and the Huntsman” that co-scripter Hossein Amini penned. The art direction, production design, and cinematography make “47 Ronin” look more impressive than its ersatz plot. Interestingly enough, this film didn’t impress Japanese audiences, and Universal has already written it off as a financial disaster. Ultimately, “47 Ronin” qualifies as a tolerable movie with guts but little gusto.

  • jogyeongja

    I remember a time when people would flock to the cinemas when a new Keanu Reeves movie came along, but these days he just does not seem to have the same pulling power as he did in the days of The Matrix and Point Break. I first became familiar with Reeves with the two Bill and Ted movies, which are still some of my all time favourite films, but these days, and this movie is a prime example, he seems to have just fallen flat. In a way I really wanted to like this movie, and for a while I was caught up in it, but as it moved along, and it wasn’t slow by any means, my interest simply began to wane.47 Ronin is an adaptation of a Japanese tale of 47 Ronin whose master was killed by treachery and they then spent two years plotting their revenge. When they had succeeded the emperor chose, instead of executing them like common criminals, to allow them to die an honourable death by committing sepuku. While I do appreciate Asian stories (and I am really interested in going and seeing The Monkey King on Friday, if it is still showing at Melbourne Central), I am finding some of these Western adaptations to, in a way, destroy the mystique that seems to fill them.It is not that all Hollywood adaptation of Asian stories are bad, for instance the Forbidden Kingdom is still an awesome movie, which I have now seen three times, and have put the DVD in my ‘to keep collection’ as opposed to my ‘get rid of before DVDs become obsolete’ collection (though with the rate that I am moving through them they will probably become obsolete before I am able to get rid of them all, but that is another story). I remember that a major criticism of Cruise’s Last Samurai was that it in effect Westernised a Japanese story, and in many cases this film does the same.It is not that the monsters and the magic in the film are necessarily Westernised. The creators do make an attempt to give an oriental feel to the film, and I did try to suspend my disbelief in relation to the pirate haven that the visited, and the fact that a major character is a half Japanese mongrel, but in many cases it really pushed the limits of my ability to accept it. The problem with Japanese tales, especially introducing Western elements to them, is that the Japanese society was closed society up until the middle of the 19th century when the Americans sailed a warship into Tokyo harbour and told them to open up or else (from which we get the term ‘Gunship diplomacy’). As such, I find it very difficult to accept a Japanese story with Western elements thrown into it. However, for some reason, I do find that the Chinese stories work a little better.Oh, the other thing that undermined my ability to suspend my disbelief is that pretty much all of the crew seemed to be American in origin, and thus it appeared to be very much an American film, made by Americans, using Asian actors to give it some form of Oriental appearance (and I would not be surprised if it turns out that the Asian actors are actually Chinese as opposed to Japanese).

  • naaraaynn-dhaaliivaal
    naaraaynn dhaaliivaal

    I wouldn’t have wasted time writing about this, errr, “movie” but I was scandalized at seeing the positive reviews (who writes this stuff?!) and the impossibly high score on IMDb, so I felt that my duty as a responsible human being is to warn the unsuspecting victims. This “movie” is a textbook example of how not to shoot films. Horrible on every conceivable level. Horrible is too weak of a word. It’s WAY beyond horrible, a new word is needed. The acting is ridiculously bad, which is of course to be expected from Mr. Stoneface Mumble Reeves. (His previous abomination, “Man of Tai Chi”, has to be seen to be believed). The bad guy was even worse, as impossible as it sounds. The love interest and the bad witch – almost at the same level. Masterfully bad. It takes serious dedication to get THAT bad, I **** you not. The dialogue was the dumbest, flattest, emptiest random bunch of words ever. It works as a comedy, though, but somehow I vaguely suspect that this wasn’t intentional. The director should be banned from making films ever again. Dude, just… don’t, please. The people who wrote the “screenplay” should be sent to work the land somewhere in Texas and never be let near a computer again. Or a pen. Or a sandpit and a stick. Horrible editing, too. Surprisingly enough, the DP was probably the only guy on set who knew what was he doing. A couple of mildly interesting shots shine like pearls in dung. The worst thing is the complete lack of respect for Japanese culture and tradition. Sincere and heartfelt condolences to any Japanese person reading this. You know how Americans usually portray non-Americans? Well, it’s way worse than that this time. Pretty much the only entertaining moments were when, out of mind-numbing boredom, I started making farting sounds in the middle of the tons of meaningful-intense-long-gaze situations. After that I slept for 20 minutes, missing (according to my gf) the final fight scene and waking up just in time for the grand finale. And I NEVER sleep during a movie, out of respect for the people who put so much effort in it. Couldn’t care less this time, I just wish I could get these 2 hours of my life back somehow. GOD, what a ****ty movie. Can’t believe they spent so much money on a pile of utter and complete crap. Who greenlighted this?! Were they smoking crack or just stupid ?! Go see it. Really. Motion pictures this horrible are a delightful rarity to be savoured, if you are into that kinda thing. I just know that my all-time TOP 5 WORST list has a new entry. Hell, it kicked down the door and burned the house down. Now, having fulfilled my civil duty I will just erase this thing from my memory.

  • david-karlsson
    david karlsson

    47 Ronin was much better than I thought it would be. I really enjoyed it, and I don’t understand all the very negative reviews. The movie was entertaining and had a good mix of story, action, and beautiful scenery & costumes. The movie runs about 2 hours that seemed to go by quickly. Sure, there were some things that could have been done better, such as Keanu Reeves acting, and several characters that would have benefited by additional development. One of the frustrating things is that the movie had the potential to be great had they hit the mark. But overall it was worth my investment of time and money, and I would definitely recommend this movie.

  • juuso-jalonen-kettunen
    juuso jalonen kettunen

    This movie is god awful I felt like scratching my eyes out after watching this movie its as if someone tried to make a pearl harbour remake and duct tape bits and pieces of film together to make a believable work of art. I would not even call this art its a catastrophe of cinematography this is amateur work. All the Japanese actors speak engrish (some might be Chinese)and put Neo as the hero of the movie.It feels a mess, they tried to adapt a real life 47 ronin story, make it into a romantic tragedy and turn it into mythological. It would be fine if they stuck to history or make it a movie on its own. Might as well change the ending if most of the movie is made up.I wouldn’t even recommend it even for a b grade movie it should be scrapped. The dialogue is god awful, plot, acting, directing, cg etc everything is bad I cant even think of any good points the action is meh only brief nothing great. With or without Keanu Reeves this movie would still be bad.

  • markku-hietala
    markku hietala

    They took a story about tragedy, sacrifice and personal honor and reduced it to a fantasy about witchcraft. They also fail on any basic understanding of Japanese culture or tradition. It appears the writers may have seen and episode of Samurai Jack to base this on.Do not see this movie!!! Go see the “7 Samurai” (8.8 stars) instead. It is an amazing samurai movie by Akira Kurosawa that the western “Magnificent Seven” was based on.If you want to see the real story check out the one of the older versions. There is a black a white version from 1941 if you really like samurai movies.The book is also excellent and there is a version for children as well. The castle still exists honoring the samurai involved and they sell Japanese wall hangings of the events.

  • mtro-diana-patino
    mtro diana patino

    Nothing expected and still not good enough. Choreography was excellent and also the effects (fox not included). But oh my god, did this Movie suck. 3D usage for what? Didn’t see anything in 3D. Just one scene.Reeves also as poor as he ever was. But, the guy who played Oishi (don’t remember his name, think it was Watanabe) was awesome. Tagawa is getting old, but is still good. It seems like, they wanted to much in just two hours. If it would be 3 hours, it could have been better. It’s seems like a bit to fast. The whole scenes with those demons in the Forest could be a little longer, bit it was OK. Only those pirate bay didn’t last long, which is really sad, ’cause the Location looked awesome.4/10 for good Effects, great Choreography, poor Reeves, good supporting roles and a story, which is…well say, its OK.

  • mari-nizharaze
    mari nizharaze

    I remember getting excited when I saw the previews for this film, and I was hoping it would be good. Lately I heard rumors that it was a bomb, that it wasn’t good, and my heart sank. Guess what? It looks like the critics are looking for their “Lone Ranger” for the season, which only means this is a good movie that’s getting an unfair bad rap. I saw it today, and the film delivered in every possible way: It’s a big production, great action, good acting, and very cool special effects.An outsider is allowed to stay in a Samurai community, falls in love with an unattainable member of the upper classes and because of his background, he’s treated a second class citizen, usually being the target of offensive remarks and unfair practices. His good character helps him endure this difficult life, and the situation doesn’t improve when a member of the royal family comes to visit his community. Because of a misunderstanding and the underhanded maneuvers of a witch, the community members and him find themselves in real trouble.There is a lot of action in the whole movie, and some of the dark magic stuff is fun to see. This is a film when the villain is well defined and works really well because she’s a malevolent individual, with a pretty nasty agenda and a good arsenal of devilish spells. In addition to that, the fights are well choreographed, the action moves fast, and there’s attention paid to some of the traditions of the Samurai culture (not sure if it’s accurate), but the great art direction and beautiful photography give it a sense of reality.Be prepared not to listen to the credit and enjoy yourself.

  • ana-ferreira
    ana ferreira

    I knew this movie was bad from reviews, but I went to see it anyways because I like Reeves and hoped for some good entertainment. Well, the movie happened to be really… bad.First of all, movie starts stupidly with a narrative of Reeves raised as a child from tengo-demons yet a minute later you are told he is so… gentle. In a few minutes they tell you the daughter of the clan leader and he are deep in love and this is character development the movie is based on. I do not mind if they put a white guy as the lead and tainting the real legend with some love story if executed well. But because of dull, stupid, clichéd dialog and bad acting the movie is predictable, mechanic, unconvincing and damn straight stupid. It is an insult to the original story of the 47 ronin. It is a movie telling to you “I am a legendary movie because I am telling you so”. They added fantasy fairy tale twist to the original story. This could work if the ronins were trying to reach the enemy castle fighting waves of enemies and assassins, falling in traps, having heroic deaths …but actually ALL the fights in the movie besides the final battle are short, dull and irrelevant to story line. In fact the trailer contains all the good moments. And no, there is no cool tattooed guy to fight with. There is no real demon monk fight as shown in the trailer. By the way, Buddhist tengu demons training killers to protect their “beliefs”? I mean, really? Next – the BIG guy in the movie everyone expected to serve as a minor boss and have a great eye candy duel with, gone in a second blown by a bomb. The enemy clan leader – running and fighting like a pussy in the end. The final boss fight happened with the dragon-witch…and our hero used his magical power cheat-cheesy move to kill the dragon, the same magical power he has from the start of the story but never used before? All those fights from the trailer are so short and unimportant you just know they put it there as fillers. Probably for this reason you see no more than ten ronins in most scenes. One of the guys specifically says they are 47 because you would never believe they are more than 15 till the final scene. Where nobody is seen to use the magical swords they were given by the demons in any special way.200 ml dollars spent on this movie? Hollywood product placement idiocy. They should rather have made this movie a psychological drama with an epic real played battle in the end rather than waste cash on computer animations.

  • donald-pacheco
    donald pacheco

    No. This is absolute nonsense, a disgrace towards the very idea of what a good film should be. The story of the 47 Ronin has been told with great sensitivity, artistic excellence and masterful story telling by several Japanese producers and directors. When told straight up it is an incredible story of loyalty, revenge and the intrigues and incredible richness of ancient Japanese life and culture. The very idea that this incredible story could be “Kanued” and turned into a pointless and tasteless Hollywood film is frankly disgraceful. I have been a fan of the many outstanding films made by Japanese film makers over many decades. Many of the greatest films ever made were made by these craftsmen, artists, actors, producers and directors. The story of the 47 Ronin is a great human story that should not be tampered with like this. The real tragedy here is that the original story, based upon actual historic events, is such a great story that there is no reason to “adopt” or “adapt” it. Telling it straight up is the only way to go. I have to admit I am furious at this shallow and trumped up farce. Why would any honorable film maker want to create this vulgar and senseless farce about such a great story. Is the film revenge from talentless producers and writers for their inability to tell a story so beautifully told by the Japanese themselves? Is the film in fact a racist attack against the Japanese film industry? The basic perversion of this story by these actors and film makers has some subversive reason for existing. Perhaps we can hope that the many fine historians, critics and analysis’s of film can help us understand this sad and terrible exercise in arrogance and truly yellow excrement of film making, over time.

  • vahe-darch-inyan
    vahe darch inyan

    Simply put this is an excellent movie and kept my interest from beginning to end. The character’s complemented each other and had strong performances. There is so much we can take from this movie and apply it to ourselves and how we treat/interact with the world around us. Sanada seemed to be the lead character and had a strong performance. Reeves and Shibasaski also had strong performances and displayed such strength and poise in difficult circumstances–brought me to tears. It was action packed, and the special effects were very realistic. I also enjoyed reading the history behind what inspired the movie 47 Ronin. I highly recommend this movie.

  • kaitlyn-davis
    kaitlyn davis

    In Ako, Lord Asano (Min Tanaka) and his samurai Ôishi (Hiroyuki Sanada) are hunting in the forest and they find a half-breed boy. Lord Asano brings him to Ako and the boy that is named Kai is raised with his daughter Mika. Years later, Mika (Kô Shibasaki) and Kai (Keanu Reeves) are secretly in love with each other. Lord Asano welcomes the Shogun Tsunayoshi (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) and the Lord Kira (Tadanobu Asano) at home. However, Kira’s Witch (Rinko Kikuchi) casts a spell on Lord Asano and he tries to kill Kira. The Shogun sentences Lord Asano to death and offers the option of committing Harakiri to die with honor. Ôishi and his samurais become ronin and he is arrested in a hole; and Kai is sold as a slave in another village. One year later, Ôishi is released from the imprisonment and he plots a scheme to revenge Lord Asano with Kai and the other ronin.”47 Ronin” is an entertaining fantasy based on the classic Japanese story. Despite the Western behaviors and feelings of the ronin and Mika, the movie is not bad as indicated in many reviews. Actually I have had a nice surprise. My vote is seven.Title (Brazil): “47 Ronins” (“47 Ronin”)

  • katerina-barbara-koronidou
    katerina barbara koronidou

    Narrow in scope, this movies attempts to stereotype Asian culture using the history of the 47 Ronin as a lose reference.Another one of Hollywood’s poor attempt to draw on the appeal of eastern culture for western viewers. With the cliché of the central “Caucasian” character immersed in an “oriental backdrop”. Not convincing enough as either fantasy or action/ adventure. Tragic waste of acting talent and cinematography, as it was trumped by the weak,dull, far too predictable plot and dialog.Suitable for those who enjoy shallow representations of “foreign culture”.

  • givi-xatiashvili
    givi xatiashvili

    This is a fantasy movie set in early Japan instead of a medieval setting. It reminded me of Snow White and the Huntsman. At its core it’s about honor and forbidden love. This movie requires much disbelief, not the least of which is believing that Keanu Reeve would be there, but if you can make that leap it has much to offer. The movie has many magical moments and beautiful settings, and the vision of early Japan, with a fantasy spin, is wonderful.The thing I was most impressed by was the way the movie incorporated many styles seamlessly. The movie went from fantasy, to Indian Jones, to pirates of the Caribbean, with a natural even flow, and I really enjoyed that. The only flaw was one of the villains that seemed one dimensional and stock, but the stories villains as a whole had depth, and were major part of the stories ending and power. This movie was unlike any I’ve seen in a while. It’s an idea that deviates from the norm, and this explains some of the reviews. This movie far exceeded my expectations.

  • sally-houston
    sally houston

    Contains mild spoilers:For those who aren’t familiar with the 47 Ronin, this film does it’s best to bring the legend to the rest of the world. Although the film contains some great visuals, sets, music and costume design, infusing the story with fantasy elements and some new characters in an attempt up the action and appeal to a global audience is it’s greatest weakness. The story of the 47 ronin is uniquely Japanese. It’s the concept of bushido and how much one, or many, is willing to tarnish their honor in order to restore justice. Unfortunately things have been simplified a bit too much and all we are left with is a rather typical action- driven revenge plot that could have benefited from being slightly more character-driven. The original story contains a much more intricate build-up to the final confrontation that not only tests the groups patience, but their leader’s resilience and cunning. Unfortunately, this film does away with these elements that made the original story so compelling. As good as the actors are (particularly Hiroyuki Sanada and Tadanobu Asano), i was definitely wanting more character development and drama throughout the film. Keanu’s character as an outcast is an interesting addition although he doesn’t really get much to do. His arc was fine but the character deserved more moments to shine. The villains were fine but could’ve been deeper. It would have been nice for Rinko Kikuchi’s character to have some back story in order to pit her against Keanu in a more emotionally driven confrontation. After all, these characters were created for the film, so why not add an extra layer of depth. I can understand the desire to want to do away with the philosophical musings of bushido and character drama in order to push the action and fantasy elements, but the action, although generally exciting and visually interesting, lacked impact. I feel they missed an opportunity to really showcase the awesome fighting abilities of the samurai, instead opting for some CGI creatures and demons and a couple of averagely-lit night battles. The cut-aways seemed to cheapen the experience for me, especially during the seppuku scenes. It seemed to have been framed a bit too closely and the sound was a bit off. No doubt in order to keep it’s pg-13 rating. Nonetheless, there were some truly moving moments and I found myself ultimately enjoying the film. Illan Eshkeri’s score helped elevate the film’s emotional scenes and I found myself with tears in my eyes at certain points during the film. Overall, I found the film to be serviceable. It had a lot of potential and it was better than expected, although I dared to hope for more. Some genuinely emotional moments and serviceable action and effects make this a good but flawed film.

  • francisco-martins
    francisco martins

    My wife and I saw this movie panned by critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and the only conclusion we came to is they just were not sensitive to the culture of Japanese mythology. The movie was excellent. We had been dying to see it since the first announcements, and despite the critics reviews, we went. Thank goodness we did.The special effects were good, the story was good. Keanu Reeves did not come off as Bwana, the white savior of the poor little Japanese people, as some people might think, as per the usual American movies. He did stand out, but it was well shared with the Japanese actors. The story itself is not American, and I believe that may have thrown off critics. The ending is unusual, though I will not spoil it for you.I recommend this movie highly. Should you have the itch as we did, see it for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

  • stephanie-cole
    stephanie cole

    As this is a fantasy retelling of a historic event it takes liberties. However, for me it was about Honor above all else. I left the theater not only entertained and with a sense of pride in the story telling. As a veteran it resonates what I felt when we finished what we had to accomplish. I did not read the reviews going into today’s viewing, however after I seen it I read the reviews and I think they got it wrong. This movie is very good with a lot of understatement and sometimes it gets fanciful but does not takeaway from the story telling. I believe if you go a see it you will be surprised how good it is.

  • amiran-lac-abize
    amiran lac abize

    47 Ronin is a highly fictionalized take on the story of the 47 ronin who took revenge on a court official who had the 47’s leader commit seppuku. In the film, Keanu Reeves portrays Kai, a half-British Half-Japanese outcast who is called upon by Oishi, the leader of the 47. The 47 seek revenge on Lord Kira, who also has an evil witch (Rinko Kikuchi) serving under him, who killed their master.The movie itself looks absolutely phenomenal, with amazing visual effects, an emotional and gripping musical score, and strong performances from Keanu and Hiroyuki Sanada, who portrays Oishi. The major problem that i saw with the movie was that, it was over way too fast. They left out important character development for the witch and a few other characters, which really could have added more emotional flame to the film. Plus, the movie overall could have easily been twenty, thirty minutes longer. If it were, i would say it can rank alongside 13 Assassins and The Last Samurai. The script was well-written in terms of dialogue (some cheesy lines), but the overall script was devoid of real depth and thought. Then, Carl Erik Rinsch’s directing was actually pretty good, but had a few too many cut-aways.47 Ronin is an extremely action-packed samurai/fantasy epic that is something you don’t want to miss on the big-screen (for a cheap price). Though, if you want to see something award-worthy in terms of writing and directing, hope for a Director’s/Extended cut on disc, for you won’t find it here. But great performances, visual effects and emotion really help make this movie stand out, even with The Desolation of Smaug as competition.

  • eba-sezgin
    eba sezgin

    I just saw the movie and my expectations were met. It wasn’t over-hyped, it wasn’t over done as far as marketing is concerned. It probably could have used a little more, but none the less… It turned out to be a fun film to watch.I am pretty familiar with the original tale and legend of the real 47 Ronin and despite historical inaccuracies, which even most stories today are going to have to create a more dramatic and exciting story like old tall tales. One comes to mind as Frank Miller’s Graphic Novel 300 which ended up being film, it was widely inaccurate compared to the true events that occurred, but it made the 300 Spartans look even more awesome and exciting to watch. Most stories have embellishment in them. Otherwise they would be kind of dull. The real world usually tends to be just that.Making this film isn’t just about telling a cool story, it is to immortalize those warrior’s that stood fast and strong to fight for what they believed in and at the same time make them look good doing it.The visuals were great, the costume design was great, the filmography was amazing, capturing the essence of Japan was awesome. Everything down to the colors, the landscape, trees, buildings and everything. Not everyone will like this movie, but I for one would recommend it to anyone that enjoys good movie about Samurai. This movie I thought had a good story. It wasn’t great or Academy Award worthy but it was good. It wasn’t all non stop action. The director did a good job of building up without making parts drag and become dull.I honestly thought while watching it, it felt like watching a live action anime. Not to mention, I have an obsession with Samurai so I was sold when I saw the first trailer for the film.Overall, I thought the acting was well done, I think Keanu Reeves did a good job. His character may not have been part of the true story, but for the film I thought it introduced something good for the film. First being an outcast and then being welcomed into the fold later in the film.I also liked Hiroyuki Sanada’s acting job in this. I think he did an amazing job as well as the entire supporting cast. They all acted as if they truly belonged there. No one ever felt out of place.If you want historical accurate view on the story, I suggest you buy a book or do some hardcore research into the subject. If you just want to watch a good entertaining movie full of mysticism, and Samurai action. Then this is a good way to go. This is just my opinion, take it as you like. Watch it before you criticize it. That is all I have to say!

  • valerie-martin
    valerie martin

    A band of samurai who have lost there master set out to avenge his treacherous death at the hands of Lord Kira. Enter Kai, a humble “half breed” with more to him than meets the eye, with catching favor with the fallen Lord’s daughter, Kai must join the 47 Ronin to not only avenge his honor but save the woman he loves..Very visually appealing with a nice blend of action and a wonderful nod to ancient Japanese mythology. I felt though that there could have been more to the story, simple and clichéd in some areas but overall an enjoyable film. Keanu does a decent job with his part but the true meat and potatoes comes from Hiroyuki Sanada, who does a masterful job in his portrayal as the chief ronin, Ôishi . The true pleasure and joy within this film is its nod and ode to the ancient Japanese mythology of the time, which in my opinion is done very well. Some may not understand the conclusion of this film but in a little learned knowledge of the culture one would see it for what it was intended for.. All in all an enjoyable movie and film for any fan of action films and historical fantasy.

  • gaizauskas-lukas
    gaizauskas lukas

    Compared to 70% of the garbage in theaters, this movie is both quite deep and fun to watch.It is not a huge budget movie, it doesn’t have a perfect script or story overall, but the acting was great and the overall fantasy feel to it mixed in with samurai lore was really enjoyable.I expected this movie to be less than average due to overall scores. Don’t pay attention to them. I’ll be purchasing the bluray after seeing it just now.It has a slower beginning but it helps give characters depth. The ending is also quite spectacular because you’re involved with the ronin every step of the way. The last 1/3rd of the film is as usual where the major battles happen, but act two does not disappoint.In my books this is a 7.5/10, gave it an 8 as its under rated on here. Approach it as a really good B movie and you’ll love it. If you expect an Oscar nominations and a $200 mil budget for this, you should probably not be reviewing these sorts of films.

  • patrick-nunez
    patrick nunez

    It never bodes well for a film when its release date is delayed – much less when it’s been pushed back a whole year, ostensibly to accommodate reshoots that would bump up Keanu Reeves’ completely imaginary role in a Western blockbuster take on a classic, awe-inspiring tale right out of the Japanese history books. That way lies disaster and madness, one would think – and certainly the bland, monster-heavy trailers for 47 Ronin did the film no favours. Smack down your inner critic, however, and this epic fantasy flick – for that’s what it is – turns out to be reasonably palatable fare.The bare bones of the true story are all there: the kindly Lord Asano (Min Tanaka) is ordered to commit seppuku – ritual suicide by disembowelment – when he almost mortally offends Lord Kira (Tadanobu Asano – a nicely ironic name if ever there was one). This renders all the honourable samurai in Asano’s service masterless i.e., ronin. Led by the noble Oishi (Hiroyuki Sanada), the loyal band of 47 ronin vow to avenge Asano – even though they have been ordered by their Shogun (top military commander) not to do so.What’s less accurate, of course, is pretty much all the rest of it. Reeves plays Kai, a half-British, half-Japanese orphan who’s taken in by Asano but treated like an outcast by everyone in the household – except, of course, for Asano’s loving daughter Mika (Kou Shibasaki). Kira’s nefarious plans have the support of Mizuki (Rinko Kikuchi), a witch who can apparently take any form she likes: wolf, snake or dragon. It’s all a bit nonsensical, especially when Kai tries to get swords for the ronin amongst some pretty creepy folk who have gone from society’s outcasts to being part of what looks like a supernatural cult.In other words, 47 Ronin is a faintly ridiculous addition to the wealth of Chūshingura – fictionalised accounts of the 47 ronin tale – that already exist in Japan. It’s the kind of big, dumb blockbuster in which the good guys literally live to die another day as long as the plot calls for it. These fearless ronin even survive when the villain is protected by a witch with crazy mystical powers! She can set an entire field on fire, create poisonous spiders and turn into a dragon! And the ronin – at least 47 of them – live anyway! It’s crazy! That’s what makes it all the more surprising when 47 Ronin turns out to be… well,actually not half-bad. Once you’ve accepted the sillier aspects of the film for what they are, it’s easy to get swept along by its very earnest drama and spectacle. Reeves’ storyline is a made-up jumble of nonsense, but is played very straight – this is, in effect, Sad Keanu: The Movie – and it just about works. Casting Reeves as the outsider allows him to do what he does best: play the role with stony-faced reserve, whether he’s levelling up by battling demons in cage matches or pining moodily after Mika. Kai’s restrained love story with Mika is fairly predictable stuff, with the girl fading a little too much into the background (don’t expect any bloodletting from Shibasaki, Battle Royale fans), but it’s salvaged by the rather non-Hollywood way in which it all ends.For all that Reeves takes centre stage in the publicity campaign, the film belongs just as much to Sanada’s Oishi. He undertakes a more arduous emotional journey: one that takes him from grudging to full-hearted acceptance of Kai’s worth as a warrior and comrade. His relationship with his family is more fully examined than Kai’s unwavering loyalty to the Asano clan. As Oishi plots his course of action, one that will bring him shame for disobeying the Shogun even as he avenges his master, he warns his wife and son Chikara (Jin Akanishi) to disavow him. Their reactions provide some of the most emotionally resonant moments in the entire film.All things considered, the title of the film is a bit of a misnomer – it would more accurately be called 2 Ronin, subtitled Oishi And Kai’s Excellent Adventure – and it suffers from a lamentable lack of humour and historical accuracy. But it’s not a complete travesty. Tucked away beneath a layer of mystical beasts and witches lies a story with enough heart, nobility and soul to survive even the oddest twists and turns.

  • anne-toom
    anne toom

    The reviews for this film seem to be pretty negative generally speaking. Pivoting around the historical inaccuracies and the addition of the “Half Breed” character played by Keanu Reeves to this legendary tail. More on that further in.In a nut shell. 47 Ronin has a fair amount of mystical magic and demons peppered throughout a historical tail. A tale of Samurai who’s master is killed and their status is reduced to Ronin. Only for them to rise up and seek revenge against the evil ruler and his witch who are responsible.Let’s get to some positive stuff. Visually the 47 Ronin is beautiful. The costumes design and color choices to separate each of the different clans is impressive in it’s complexity. The villains are not just dressed in black, but a fair amount of purple and silver is mixed in to highlight the details in their armor. The sets have an epic feel that is grounded and doesn’t feel to fantastic, but rather believable.Now on to the “Half Breed”, who mainly adds the taste of a forbidden love story as well as a lifeline to the audience, drowning is a sea of unfamiliar faces. Many, if not most reviewers who’ve pan this movie for the addition of the “half breed” character fail to realize his importance for the audience. Around the start of the third act, there’s a scene where one of the samurai apologies for his treatment of the half breed in a way that communicates to the viewer exactly where a Ronin places in the Japanese cultural/social structure vs where a Samurai does. The inclusion of this character and his treatment throughout the movie is an important plot device. Seeing his treatment by the Samurai as an outcast in the first act, then later his acceptance once they are labeled as Ronin is vital to the evolution of the main Japaneses characters of the story. Not to mention it helps to bridge a gap for an audience unfamiliar with Japanese cultural and social structure.Historical inaccuracy are common in Hollywood. I personally view the ones in 47 Ronin to be no more reprehensible then the ones committed in superheroes films. Yes, I am comparing changes made to characters from Batman, X-Men, Spiderman and Iron Man’s cannon to this historical tale of the 47 Ronin. Deal with it, they’re just stories after all. We really have no way to know it there really wasn’t a half breed character, do we? After all, history is told by the winners, and often inaccurately.With a 2 hour run time, it did feel a bit slow to start, setting the stage for the second and third act. Once it gets going tho, it moved rather nicely. I didn’t find myself checking my watch every 10 minutes wondering when it would end like another holiday release I won’t mention. If the trailer interests you then you could probably do worst at the box office this holiday season. I enjoyed it, but that’s just my opinion.