The story is simple (Shaolin vs. Manchu traitors), but the effect was anything but, as the screen’s most charismatic action actors team with a legendary director and revered choreographers (Liu Chia-liang and brother Liu Chia-yung) for scenes of unparalleled power.

Also Known As: De 5 shaolin geweldenaars, Die gnadenlosen 5 West, Los 5 Maestros de Shaolin, 5 Masters of Death, Az öt shaolin mester, Los 5 maestros de Shaolin, Five Brethren of Shaolin, Five Shaolin Masters, Five Shaolin Masters Hong, Gigantes tou shaolin, keravnoi tou karate, 5 keravnoi tou karate, Пять мастеров Шаолиня Soviet, 5 maîtres de Shaolin, Shao Lin wu zu, Петте майстора на Шаолин, Os Cinco Mestres de Shaolin, Siu lam ng jo Hong

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