Diplomats, soldiers and other representatives of a dozen nations fend off the siege of the International Compound in Peking during the 1900 Boxer Rebellion. The disparate interests unite for survival despite competing factions, overwhelming odds, delayed relief and tacit support of the Boxers by the Empress of China and her generals.

Also Known As: 55 dni w Pekinie, 55 meres sto Pekino, 55 dagar i Peking, 55 дней в Пекине Soviet, 55 Days at Peking, 55 de Zile la Pekin, Femoghalvtreds dage i Peking, 55 дни в Пекин, Les 55 jours de Pékin, 55 Μέρες στο Πεκίνο, Pekin'de 55 gün, Pekin no 55-nichi, 55 Dias em Peking, 55 días en Pekín, 55 Tage in Peking West, 55 Dias em Pequim, 55 päivää Pekingissä, 55 giorni a Pechino, 55 dager i Peking, 55 Tage in Peking, 55 dana u Pekingu, Fifty Five Days at Peking, 55 nap Pekingben

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