Meet Franklin Hart (Dabney Coleman). The biggest “sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot” boss on the planet. He thrills in taking advantage of his head female office staff; humiliating, downplaying, and condescending against them whenever conveniently possible, particularly his top assistant Violet (Lily Tomlin). Long-exhausted over his gruesome bullishness, Violet, alongside co-workers Doralee (Dolly Parton) and Judy (Jane Fonda) comprise comical methods of “doing him in”, when a freak incident occurs. They then manage to kidnap Hart and trap him in his own house, while assuming control of his department, and productivity leaps. But just how long can they keep him tied up?

Also Known As: 9'dan 5'e, S devyati do pyati Soviet, 9時から5時まで, Cómo eliminar a su jefe, Yhdeksästä viiteen, 9 till 5, Ni til fem, Od 9 do 5, Od devíti do pěti, Nine to Five, 9 to 5, From Nine to Five, 9 me 5, Comment se débarrasser de son patron, З дев'ятої до п'ятої, От 9 до 5, С девяти до пяти Soviet, Kilenctől ötig, Dalle 9 alle 5... orario continuato, Van 9 tot 5, Hoe geraak ik mijn baas kwijt?, Od devetih do petih, 9 to 5 New, Dalle 9 alle 5, 9 με 5, Warum eigentlich... bringen wir den Chef nicht um? West, Hvordan bli kvitt sjefene, Od dziewiątej do piątej, Das 9 às 5, Od deviatej do piatej, De la 9 la 5, Od devíti do peti Czech, Warum eigentlich... bringen wir den Chef nicht um?, From 9 to 5, Como Eliminar seu Chefe, 九點到五點

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