This story is the tale of two brothers: one a successful counterfeiter and the younger a fledgling graduate of the HK police academy. The plot revolves around the split when the younger brother learns the other is a criminal and the efforts of the criminal brother to reform. Along the way are plenty of heists, double-crosses, and shoot outs.

Also Known As: City Wolf 1 West, Crime em Hong Kong, Alvo Duplo, Ying xiong ben se, Un mañana mejor, Ying xiong ben se Hong, Gia ena kalytero avrio, Anh Hung Ban Sac, Gangland Boss, Otoko tachi no banka I, Boljsi jutri, Amenaza final, Instinct de Tuer, Ying hung boon sik, A Better Tomorrow, Bolje sutra, The Essence of Heroes Hong, Rapid Fire, Светлое будущее Soviet, Otoko tachi no banka, Byle do jutra, Obracun v Hongkongu, Le syndicat du crime, A Better Tomorrow Hong, Szebb holnap, City Wolf West, Lepsze jutro

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