Stubbornly refusing to believe in Christmas, and to be separated from his inexhaustible wealth, the Victorian money lender and parsimonious recluse, Ebenezer Scrooge (Alastair Sim), can’t be bothered with the poor and destitute at the most festive time of the year. Intent on spending the holy night alone, instead, the sceptical curmudgeon is visited by an unexpected and sympathetic friend, Jacob Marley (Sir Michael Hordern), who will pave the way for the inevitable visitation of the otherworldly spirits of Christmas Past (Michael Dolan), Present (Francis De Wolff), and Yet to Come (Czeslaw Konarski). But, what do the pale ghosts want? Can a wicked old miser admit the error in his ways, and embrace change? In the end, is Scrooge ready to love and be loved?

Also Known As: Lo schiavo dell'oro, A Christmas Carol, Το Πνεύμα των Χριστουγέννων, Рождественский гимн Soviet, Egoisten, Σκρουτζ, Andarnas natt, Скрудж, Cuento de Navidad de Dickens, Gnieren og stakkels Tim, Saiturin joulu, Charles Dickens - Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte West, Scrooge, Scrooge - Karácsonyi történet, Cancion de navidad, Charles Dickens - Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte, Рождественский гимн, Contos de Natal, Scrooge en Marley, O Homem e o Espectro

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