Timmy turns 23 and his godparents are fighting to keep him, while Crocker is still up to his nefarious schemes.::egmeinder

Also Known As: A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!, Δύο Φανταστικοί Γονείς-Η Ταινία: Ωρίμασε Τίμι Τέρνερ, Mes parrains sont magiques, le film: Grandis, Timmy!, Ein Cosmo & Wanda Movie: Werd' erwachsen Timmy Turner!, Tündéri keresztszülők: Nőj fel Timmy Turner!, Devi crescere Timmy Turner!, Um Filme com os Padrinhos Mágicos: Cresce e Aparece Timmy!, Волшебные родители, Los padrinos mágicos, la película: ¡Crece, Timmy Turner!, Os Padrinhos Mágicos: O Filme - Cresça, Timmy Turner!

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