College swimmer Chad Billingsley is his middle class family’s pride and joy. After a moody phase of scared denial, he owns up to father, attorney Roger, that Rosalie Frank, the provocatively dressed waitress who attended his frat’s last party and is missing since, had sex with five of them. Roger does his utmost to prevent the potential statutory rape case ruining his son’s future, but confides in his moralistic wife, refuge house worker Karen, who instead of supporting the boys haunts them like Rosalie’s mother Inez, with multiple tragic results.

Also Known As: Invitación para un crimen, Семейни раздори, En mors mardröm, Face au silence, Meu Filho, o Estuprador, Blutiges Familiengeheimnis, Decisión final, Mother Love, En splittet familie, A Family Divided, Szemben az igazságszolgáltatással, Dihasmeni oikogeneia, Rikkirevitty perhe, Dietro il silenzio di mio figlio

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