Pseudolus is the laziest slave in Rome and has but one wish, to purchase his freedom. When his master and mistress leave for the day he finds out that the young master has fallen in love with a virgin in the house of Lycus, a slave dealer specializing in beautiful women. Pseudolus concocts a deal in which he will be freed if he can procure the girl for young Hero. Of course, it can’t be that simple as everything begins to go wrong.

Also Known As: Der skete noget skægt på vejen til Forum, Zabawna historia wydarzyla sie w drodze na forum, Em Roma... era assim, Ez mind megtörtént útban a Fórum felé, En morsom ting hendte på veien til Forum, Algo gracioso sucedió camino del Foro, En kul grej hände på väg till Forum, Sattuipa hassusti matkalla Forumiin, Sattuipa hassusti matkalla Foorumiin, Aptallar sehri, Um Escravo das Arábias em Roma, Смешное происшествие по дороге на Форум Soviet, Toll trieben es die alten Römer, Le forum en folie, Golfus de Roma, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Kul grej hände på väg till Forum, De pussycats van het oude Rome, Dolci vizi al foro, Viva Roma, Странна случка на път за форума, Toll trieben es die alten Römer West

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