In the post-war, the sixteen year-old teenager Eiko seeks out the geisha Miyoharu in the district of Gion, in Kyoto asking her to be a “maiko” (apprentice of geisha). Eiko explains that her mother, who was a geisha and Miyoharu’s friend, has just passed away; her father Sawamoto has failed in business; and her uncle is harassing her. Miyoharu is a warm-hearted woman and accepts to train her. One year later, Eiko’s father refuses to be her guarantor and Miyoharu borrows a large amount from the tea-house owner Okimi to buy her kimono and debut in a party. Miyoharu changes Eiko’s name to Miyoe and introduces the teenager to clients as her sister. Soon Miyoharu is charged for the money but neither she nor Miyoe wants to have patrons.

Also Known As: Gion Festival Music, Музыка Гиона Soviet, Odswietne wystepy w Gion, A Geisha, Festa em Gion, Gionin soittajat, Los músicos de Gion, Zwei Geishas West, Una geisha, A Música de Gion, Les musiciens de Gion, La musica di Gion, Giorti sti Gion, Gion bayashi, Die Festmusik von Gion West, Les musiciens de Gion ou La fête à Gion

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