In October 2012 a video footage is found at the home of Malcolm Johnson and the recordings are still unexplained. Past this prologue a story in flashback form unfolds. During the summer of 2012, Malcolm and Kisha move in together and start a happy life. One night Kisha notices a few unexplained phenomena that convince her their house is haunted by ghosts. To allay her fears Malcom hires a camera crew to film inside the house day and night. A few nights later Malcom and Keisha have sex on camera, despite Keisha’s protests at being filmed. Upon reviewing the sex tape the next day, Malcom and Keisha notice a few paranormal phenomena caught on tape. Malcom wants to sell the house but the housing market is slow. Therefore, Malcom decides to hire a psychic to come to the house and investigate. After Kisha confesses to making a deal with the devil for a pair of shoes things start to make sense but it doesn’t solve the problems caused by the paranormal phenomena.

Also Known As: Smartass, Къща на духовете, Dom s paranormal'nymi yavleniyami, Paranenormalna aktivnost, Ha'bayit ha'raduf, Paranormal Movie, Будинок з паранормальними явищами, Ghost Bastards - Putain de fantôme, A Haunted House, O casa bantuita, Дом с паранормальными явлениями, ¿Donde esta el fantasma?, Inatividade Paranormal, Kummituste maja, Maison hantée, Hátborzongat-Lak, Paranormalni film, Dom bardzo nawiedzony, Ghost Movie, ¿Y dónde está el fantasma?, Anormal Aktivite

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  • ot-ar-ch-xaize
    ot ar ch xaize

    I was in tears laughing throughout the whole movie and it was the funniest movie I have seen in ages!!! If you are a fan of scary movie 1 and 2 as well as other movies from the Wayans brother this will be suited right for you.The movie is a spoof of paranormal activity and it’s ludicrous and so stupid yet so entertaining. I made an IMDb account just that I could write a review about the movie 🙂 Have a look at the trailer and if you think it’s not your type then just don’t watch it. If you are a fan of comedy have a few friends over and watch this you will laugh your butt off! Highly recommended 😀

  • lidia-lorena-cespedes-chaves
    lidia lorena cespedes chaves

    I love genuine scary movies. I love spoofs and parodies of scary movies. This is neither. The Wayans Bros are usually funny, willing to laugh at themselves and always sneaking in subtle jokes that require a few viewings to catch them all. There might be some of those hidden in-jokes in A Haunted House, but I will never know.I’m no prude, but after the 118th sex joke in the first 20 minutes, I was over it. Okay, okay, we get it, adults have sex, hahaha. Now do something funny with the ghost or demon or whatever it is, since that’s what the movie is supposedly about.

  • justin-matthews
    justin matthews

    It had been a long time before I saw such an awful movie. I hardly watched it. It was worse than Extreme movie which, compared to that, seemed to have some interesting scenes. It’s movies like this that make me search for a good comedy from the 80’s and 90’s. The plot is unbelievably stupid, the jokes are so dull I almost fell asleep watching this movie. I don’t even want to know the name of the director. If this is the future of the parody, I prefer to watch a horror movie. I don’t want to sound like those people who like only Oscar-winner movies, I liked “Scary movie”, “Shriek…”, even “Not another teen movie”, but this… this is truly horrible. I highly recommend you not to watch it.

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  • cacilie-lower-mba
    cacilie lower mba

    barely laughed at all after seeing the poor previews on T.V, I still decided to go and what a waste of time it was pure annoyance is what i would describe it as of course there was no plot, (everyone saw that coming) you can find more comedy that makes you laugh in a feminist romance that your wife dragged you to I want to stand outside of the movie theater flagging down people telling them not to go see this The entire movie is the same as what you saw on the commercials at home. Do not go and see this. just plain terrible i never not laughed so hard in my life. what a pathetic drawn out movie. not funny don’t waste your time and money on this folks.

  • mtro-ruben-lucio
    mtro ruben lucio

    As usual, for movies created for a black audience, black characters are depicted as attractive, rich, smart and cool, whites are always depicted as losers, stupid, awkward, clumsy and ugly. The stereotypes are also sexually allusive: the gay character (always depicted in a negative way) is always white. Female whites are either unattractive or sexually promiscuous.The movie is just a dull,cheap and boring comedy, a insipid spoof of Paranormal experience (another awful movie). In comparison any Scary movie episode spoofed a lot of movie in more clever way. There are also a lot of gratuitous sex contents, put to compensate the lack of intelligence and real contents.Very stupid and unfunny. save your money and your time

  • sr-a-ivan-romero
    sr a ivan romero

    Some comedies are made with the purpose of being fun and provide the audience some relaxation moments with nice jokes. ‘A Hounted House’, however, fails on being an interesting comedy.Here we have a couple who decides to live together in a nice house, but suddenly strange things start to happen. Well, it’s easy: just imagine Paranormal Activity as a satirical comedy with elements of other horror films like The Devil Inside, The Blair Witch Project and even The Exorcist. Knowing this, we obviously can’t expect it to be the greatest comedy of the year, but it could have been at least a nice film to enjoy with friends and have good laughs. Fact: it doesn’t happen.The real problem with this film is the lack of interesting and original jokes – they are too predictable and old fashioned (we have seen the same jokes on films like ‘Scary Movie’). It seems like Marlon Wayneans – who is also the creator of the Scary Movie franchise just changed the name of the film. There is the gay stereotype, the perverted couple, the husband who always want to have sex… There isn’t anything new about this film.A Hounted House is watchable, but do not expect too much. There are better comedies in which you can spend your money with.

  • lorena-dima
    lorena dima

    Expecting another spoof movie, which is was. However, unless you are in your mid 20’s with a maturity of a 15 year old boy and wanted to see a move that you hope your parents do not find out about, this movie is just bad. I took my teenage son to this who has seen many the R-rated movie with me, but this was just too much. Sex with his girlfriend – OK I guess. Naked girls cutting coke – Was this needed? Horny lesbian college friend – First time was enough. Maid getting it on with the gardener – give it a rest!!! Graphic sex with stuffed animals – really? Sex with ghosts – enough already! All this movie turned out to be is sex joke after disgusting sex joke.There should be more of a disclaimer then just the rated R. I hit the theater a couple times a month. However, due to this movie I will do more research before seeing my next movie.

  • leonidia-mauropoulou
    leonidia mauropoulou

    This movie was hilarious! You will be able to watch this over and over and laugh every time. Every character in this move had funny lines, and there are some crazy characters in this movie! Great job to the writers and actors delivering the lines. I took a group of 7 teenagers and the all thought it was a great funny movie. My daughter and I did also. So this is a review from different age ranges. Funny is funny to everyone …. Unless your stuffy person. The trailer shows you what kind of movie it is. You will be laughing a dumb stuff thru the whole movie , and you will enjoy it. You can’t go wrong with the Wayan’s family. If you want a good laugh see this movie!

  • ladislav-rozman
    ladislav rozman

    I am a big fan of spoof comedies and when it comes to spoofing, who is better than the Wayans Bros. Even the ones in the Bottom 250 are my favorites.But, A Haunted House isn’t much of any genre that it boasts off. There are some ridiculously funny scenes out there and you will laugh your stomach out. But the rest 60 % of the total 80 minutes will bore the hell out of you – conversations, clichéd plot points and vague sequences. When you spoof Paranormal Activity & The Devil Inside, you shouldn’t just copy, but invent. And I personally feel, the plot could’ve been a little more Wayanic. And I found only the lead actors funny; the rest were platonic.You should not visit a theater for this and can easily pass or wait for the DVD. But, if you are a spoof-lover and dig Scary Movie franchise, The Disaster Movie, Epic Movie & Dance Flick, this is for you!WATCH OUT FOR: the smoking ghost!Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NOLanguage: Strong | Sex: Very Strong | Nudity: Critically Strong | Violence: Strong | Smoking: Average | Alcohol: No | Gore: No | Mouth- Kiss: Strong

  • sig-tazio-rizzo
    sig tazio rizzo

    I generally like the Wayans brothers comedy style but I absolutely hate the Paranormal movies. I think I would have liked it better if the single hand-held camera style wasn’t used. It makes you a little dizzy and it’s hard to follow. There were some funny moments but a lot of the movie is kinda awkward and uncomfortable. I think they put effort into the storyline (or lack thereof) but it feels forced and the humour is stale.Overall it had a good talented cast and normally I think I would have enjoyed something like this but I didn’t like the paranormal activity influence. Nobody needs to rip-off the paranormal activity series as there have been enough stupid sequels from the original movie. Dull as hell and highly overrated.

  • abdulkadir-alpin-zengin
    abdulkadir alpin zengin

    I was looking for something funny to watch last night, when I came across this. I did like ‘A Scary Movie’ so thinking this would be similar I put it on. The movie served its purpose to make fun of Paranormal Activity and the like, but it just wasn’t funny. It was dumb. I didn’t laugh through out the whole, and almost shut it off twice, but I sat through it thinking it would get better. Though it never did.I felt like the movie tried really hard to be funny, but most of the scenes just felt repetitive and got old quick, and lasted longer than they should’ve. The film was pretty crude and raunchy, which doesn’t bother me, and mainly consisted of fart, poop and sex jokes, with one drug reference. So yeah you’re not missing much.

  • kadri-oja
    kadri oja

    Yes, this film dumb. Yes, it has many flaws. And yes, Cedric the Entertainer is annoying as hell in it. So, you may be wondering why exactly I’m giving it 10 stars? Because it succeeded at what it was trying to do. It was so nice to see the Paranormal Activity series (which was never scary to begin with, in my opinion) taken to the simple joke of “If they were black, this film would have ended in two minutes.”Sure, the reason they use keep them in the house is a poor one to say the least, but it kept me laughing pretty much the whole way through, save a few dry spots where the actors started to try too hard. Just be glad it was done the Wayans and not Seltzerberg.

  • trokhim-vashchenko
    trokhim vashchenko

    The Wayans brothers have a terrific track record during the beginning of their career, with the SNL-like skit-show In Living Colour and the first two Scary Movie films. Then, as the 2000’s pushed on, they veered off into the course of juvenile humor, focusing on nothing but the realms of farts, crudeness, and language, all of which I can laugh at and enjoy when handled with wit and heart. But when so many nonsensical humor bits are thrown at the audience and there’s nothing substantial worth sticking around for, the end result is a tedious and utterly uninteresting endeavor.Shawn Wayans, however, is absent from A Haunted House, leaving his brother and longtime co-worker Marlon to pick up the slack. The idea and thought I always manage to encounter when viewing one of their films or, to broaden this up, a parody movie, is that the cast and crew definitely had a good time making this movie, what will all the idiocy that could drum up knowing that a nice, shiny lump-sum of cash would await them opening weekend. However, when I sit through an eighty-one minute parody, given nothing but extended fart gags, annoying characters, ridiculously crass sex scenes, and a minute and a half sequence of a grown man having sex with a teddy bear, I don’t laugh, I wince and later recall the experience sourly.The story concerns a young couple, Malcolm and Keisha (Marlon Wayans and Essence Atkins), who optimistically move in together into a beautiful new suburban home. Malcolm decides that this unforgettable time in his life needs to be recorded prolifically, so everything we see in this film is recorded from Malcolm’s personal camera. Soon, things become frighteningly paranormal as the young couple experiences loud, abrupt pangs in the middle of the night, haunting screams coming from who knows where, and the obligatory series of things falling from the ceiling and off the table for no apparent reason. When Malcolm learns that it’s Keisha’s presence that makes these paranormal activities occur, he decides to hire people like David Koechner, Cedric the Entertainer, and Nick Swardson (aka laugh devices to push the story over eighty minutes long) to try and exorcise the demons from their home.Within the first few minutes of the film, we get our first mean-spirited, completely uncalled for joke which involves Keisha, who pulled into the driveway and ran over Malcolm’s dog. What follows is a frantic chase to revive the dog using jumper cables and CPR, before Malcolm decides to run down the street, dog in arms, screaming for medical help. I reiterate for the umpteenth time that animal abuse in films is unwarranted, exploitative, and unnecessary, and to make humor out of it is lower than relying on toilet humor.A Haunted House may not capitalize off of the “how many movies can we lampoon and how many references can we make in ninety minutes?” theme that has made Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer so successful with their long line of “Movie” movies, but it fails largely because of its persistency to make unfunny things seem funny and implement an outdated parody.So your film is making fun of Paranormal Activity and tries to sustain that gimmick by mocking the series’ stupidity and incredulity for eighty-one straight minutes? Congratulations? The fact of the matter is that the series has been parodied so many times that in order to make a new parody of it funny, you really must try to have sly writing and witty banter. Not just idiotic situations over and over again, occupied by unnecessary shouting, four-letter words, chaotic mishaps, senseless misunderstandings, and lunacy. It’s like making a parody for The Blair Witch Project and Twilight in 2013. It’s no longer a question of “what can we make funny?” it’s a question of “what is there left to make fun of?” A Haunted House, unfortunately, predicates itself off of the lowest common denominator of humor. It’s repetitive, dreary, and lazy in its efforts to make humor out of the Paranormal Activity franchise. Instead of going for the low-brow work, making a parody film that doesn’t seem to care about the quality of its work, Marlon Wayans would’ve been better to just round up his brother and attempt a satire or a comedic farce off of original material from his own mind.Maybe this sounds like the movie you’ve been waiting to see for a while now. I suppose we must cherish stupid humor in a time of serious problems. Contrary to what some believe, I walked in with optimism that I would see a clever parody of a film series so tired and worn, already approaching its fifth installment this year. Ironically, I would’ve rather watched the forthcoming Paranormal Activity 5 than this. The jokes and setups are so tiredly concocted and stale that, much like the franchise being parodied here, you feel you’ve seen it all before and the element of surprise has evaporated into thin air. I return to the statement I made in my review of Movie 43 that the spoof/skit genre is uniformly dead and, at this point, is just awaiting a ceremony and a funeral.Starring: Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins, Cedric the Entertainer, Nick Swardson, David Koechner, and Dave Sheridan. Directed by: Michael Tiddes.

  • richard-pratt
    richard pratt

    I will keep this brief as this movie is not even worth spending time to write a review other than to say don’t waste your time unless you enjoy recycled, crass humor. I knew I was going to hate this movie from the opening scene with the dog. Is it just me am I the only one that find animal cruelty inappropriate and offensive? The movie only got worse from there. Poorly written, repetitive and offensive on every level without being funny. This is the first film I’ve seen that depicts rape with a pot smoking ghost, I’m no prude and I have a sense of humour but geez it was really bad taste and not funny at all. Bad acting,even worse unimaginative script, teenagers would probably love it!! I wanted to leave after 10 minutes however I was with a friend who really wanted to see it. It’s on the top of my list of worst movies ever, don’t waste your money on this utter garbage.

  • patricija-kocevar
    patricija kocevar

    This was the worst movie I have seen in a long long time. I kept expecting the laugh to come but they never showed up. Very disappointing, I was expecting something much better from a Wayan. It looked like there was no preparation for each scene. It was poorly acted, no continuity and the Blair Witch project camera handling is so much a thing of the past. I have seen much better dialogues in improvised shows than this piece of movie-making that doesn’t even deserve a mention in a trash can content review. I definitely do NOT recommend this movie to anyone, I am overly surprised this movie grossed over 40 millions, The Wayans brothers must have bought most of the tickets to over-inflate the total sales on this one. Crap !

  • tsampikos-theokhares-papagiannakopoulos
    tsampikos theokhares papagiannakopoulos

    this has too be the biggest pile of garbage i have ever seen and I’ve seen some crap..obviously some one thinks these guys have talent because of the finances involved….please donate any money too charity than finance a wayans brothers movie again, i actually liked white chicks maybe a follow up on what was a funny movie, white chicks that is instead of a follow through what this movie is would be a better option….but its all down to taste at the end of the day and this film has taste….bad…..it relies on too many sexual references to be taken seriously.thank you for reading

  • pan-iukhim-nikoliuk
    pan iukhim nikoliuk

    A Haunted House was a terrible movie. It had a few (very far between) cheap laughs. Most of the jokes fell flat and the gags were lame and stupid. And I don’t mean stupid-funny. I mean stupid as in rolling your eyes and wondering why the film makers expected this to make you laugh. Most of the film parodied the blockbuster horror smash Paranormal Activity, and also contains a few poorly done spoofs of iconic scenes from other well known horror movies. If you’re looking for a decent horror spoof, I recommend picking up Scary Movie 5 instead. It’s not a great movie either, but it’s Oscar material compared to this stink bomb.

  • christopher-cain
    christopher cain

    I loved this movie, I could go back to see it again. I laughed so hard. The comedy was refreshing, It’s been a while since I can recall a movie that left me laughing like this movie did. It was a change from most recent movies based on drama (killings, kidnapping and etc…). I would tell anyone who likes to laugh this is the movie to see. It was nice to see Marlon Wayans independent from his family. I loved each and every character, Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins and Cedric The Entertainer were fantastic in the movie, but if I have a favorite it would have to be “Chip the Psychic”. Just sitting here writing this is making me laugh and think about the movie. Don’t just take my word for it GO SEE IT!

  • loretta-zirme
    loretta zirme

    “You made a deal with the devil for a pair of shoes? Not shoes Malcolm!!! Louboutins OK, they’ve got red soles and they make my calves pop. I really needed them OK!” Malcolm (Wayans) and Kisha (Atkins) have moved in together and are excited to start their new life together. When strange things start to happen they look for answers and narrow it down to one thing. A ghost is messing with them. This is another movie that is pretty much what you would expect. Funnier then the recent Scary Movie movies but after a half hour it seemed to run out of ideas and started to repeat itself. The first half hour was really funny though. The movie spoofs the Paranormal Activity and Last Exorcism movies so if you have seen those this will be funnier. The dialog is funny and this is worth watching but don’t expect to laugh all the way through, unless you like the same joke over and over. Overall, very funny for awhile then runs out of steam. I give it a B-.

  • sofia-campillo-valera
    sofia campillo valera

    The parody is a lost art form. While it still exists, it is no longer the witty rib on the subject material it was when films like “The Naked Gun,” “Airplane” and even the first “Scary Movie” came out. There’s no wit or bite to them, they are just “let’s make this look like the subject we are lampooning, throw in a Kardashian reference and then a fart sound.” “A Haunted House” is basically an unofficial Scary Movie sequel/spin-off that parodies the “found footage” genre—a genre that is already a joke and readily parodies itself by making each and every one of the films the same over and over again. The film sees Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) and his girlfriend Kisha (Essence Atkins) move in together in a house that is basically an amalgam of the first two houses in the “Paranormal Activity” franchise. After Kisha suspects some paranormal presences in the home, Malcolm invites a security man (David Koechner) to install cameras and a psychic (Nick Swardson) to “read” the house. Pretty soon the hauntings start to get more frequent and violent until the demon ultimately possesses Kisha. And somewhere during this, I guess there are some jokes and gags.This film feels less like a parody of the “Paranormal Activity” films during much of its running length and more like a potential spin-off of the series. For nearly the first half-hour of the film, the movie is set-up just like every other “PA” film with Malcolm getting a camera and becoming increasingly (and very unhealthily) obsessed with filming every aspect of their daily lives until the first moments of a haunting start–and then he gets MORE cameras! There might have been some jokes in the form of Wayans hamming it up for the camera but, for the most part, these sequences were just as inane and as boring as the opening to any typical “found footage” film.Once the jokes and the “humor” actually starts, I found I was just as silent and as stoic as I was during the first part of the film. All the jokes come from either bottom of the barrel fart and private part jokes, parodies of sequences from the “found footage” films they are mocking that are just shoe-horned into the story (and when they don’t feel completely out of place, are just painfully unfunny) and argument-style banter between characters that are overflowing with pop culture metaphors and stereotypes that are more annoying than humorous. In fact, most of the film is taking references, stereotypes and parody sequences and beating them over and over again till they are no longer recognizable as a potentially comedic scene and just become grating and hard to sit through.Really, everything about this is predictable and cliché with no real breaths of fresh air placed in it. Occasionally, I found myself laughing but, in all honesty, I laughed only twice at something Marlon Wayans did and the rest of the time I was just silent.Marlon gives off some straight-laced performances but they are just lost in a string of nonsense from those around him and performances that reek of the scenery that Koechner,Swardson and Cedric the Entertainer just chewed on. The rest of the cast look like they were just goofing around on set, trying to amuse each other, and the director just said, “Cut, we’ll work with that.” However,everyone pales in comparison with the really, truly, immensely awful performance of Essence Atkins. Atkins is just hard to watch. She pretty much overacts every scene she’s in to the point it’s like watching a person parody the parody that they are performing in. Even Swardson looked somewhat decent compared to her.Shockingly, however, I was really impressed with the film’s effects. The haunting sequences look really good and are about on par with anything seen in the “Activity” films. However, this doesn’t make the film funnier, it only makes it look more like a spin-off of the franchise.”A Haunted House” is, plain and simple, not funny. The two amusing moments it did present to me did nothing to allow the classification of this movie as a comedy or even a well-thought out parody/satire. The film feels less like a comedy and more like a collection of YouTube videos of people using their camera phones to make poorly feathered out “Paranormal Activity” send ups. This movie is proof that the art of the parody is not an easy one and just doing some poop jokes in a scene that looks like the scene from the movie you are mocking doesn’t constitute a parody.

  • konovalova-lukiia-pavlovna
    konovalova lukiia pavlovna

    *1/2 out of **** (ROTTEN)Channel the New Year. Already in the second week, the Tomato Meter is at its lowest- a dashing seven percent, and with a spoof movie. This cannot end well. I will admit, the trailer had me chuckling. I’m big on stereotypical humor, and from time to time I like to succumb myself to just stupid, dumb fun. Being a fan of the first Scary Movie certainly doesn’t hurt matters.With that being said, “A Haunted House” is exactly what you’d expect… and not much else. In terms of humor, the ratio’s about 2:5. That might seem like a bad mark, which it is, but for a film that aims at the lowest common denominator and scores a higher denominator, it’s not too shabby. Acting/story, well, you don’t go to these kinds of movies for that. Same goes for editing/choreography.There’s not much you can say about this film. This is one of those cases where you either are the audience FOR this film or you’re not. If you’re a fan of the first two Scary Movies, have an admiration for the Wayans brothers, and dig the advertisements for this film, you’ll walk out of there with some good laughs here and there. If you completely despise these movies, or this type of humor in general, you’ll walk out feeling cheated.However, be warned, this is NOT a kids film (ala a Jason Friedberg/Aaron Seltzer production or even the last Scary Movies that were PG-13). Tons of sex scenes (played for laughs though), nudity, drugs, and such abound. All in all, it’s not as bad as you’re led to believe, but it’s still pretty flimsy.

    • fusmusfu

      I recomend you Wake in Fright, is an australian movie. One of the best.

  • ershov-stoian-efimovich
    ershov stoian efimovich

    Okay if you’ve seen the first Scary Movie and laughed, you’ll find this funny. I like silly/dumb funny so I was cracking up at many parts. Some folks are looking for witty, award winning comedy, full of heartfelt all-around good jokes. If this is you, skip out on this one. Overall, I’d give it a 6.5/7. Some parts were simply dumb, but that’s to be expected. If you have 10 bucks, an hour and a half, and you wouldn’t mind a laugh or two, I say go for it. If you’re looking for wit, class, and style, keep it moving. Still unsure? Okay I’ll tell you the movie, without spoiling it. Basically a guy has his girlfriend move into his house. He’s skeptical, because his friends have warned him about the dangers of having a girlfriend move in, ya know, no more dream-girlfriend. Anyways, she moves in and stuff starts getting weird. With the increasing weirdness, more characters are introduce to help stop the weirdness. It’s a movie with a simple plot, simple characters, and a silly flow. If this sounds good to you, you’ll love it!

  • sandra-williams
    sandra williams

    I am giving this movie a “9”. I loved this movie, every scene was hilarious. I don’t understand why the movie critics are so critical of this movie, to me a “spoof” is just like “a roast” it is meant to be funny and sometimes delivered in a risqué manner. Bravo Marlon… You did a fantastic job with this. I can not wait to go see it again plus buy the movie when it comes out. Everyone in my party was laughing and still laughing today and we send it two days ago. I thought my boyfriend was going to pee his pants he was laughing so hard. The whole theater was cracking up. Go see it people, we need to laugh after all the craziness that has been going on this world we live in.

  • frauke-textor
    frauke textor

    Whether or not this movie was stereotypical should be set aside for reviews. Focus on the main parts of this movie which were to utterly make fun of paranormal activity and the devil inside. I felt like this movie is under-rated. I thought they got straight into funny and absolutely making fun of paranormal activity 1 very quickly. The first scene was based on making fun of the camera work of paranormal activity in the bed room. Although these sorts of comedies are always a stupid sort of funny, I laughed throughout this movie, especially at the character of Chip the psychic; whose main goal is to bring out the gay demons in Malcolm the main character. I had a good laugh and if you can score some tickets for cheap its not a bad, make you laugh at stupid comedy, type of movie.

  • christian-schmidt
    christian schmidt

    Let’s get this straight right now: I appreciate good movies. Was this a good movie? No, in fact it was pretty stupid. Will people hate it? Absolutely. Did I enjoy it? A whole lot. I don’t know what it was about this movie, but at times I could not stop myself from laughing. In my head I knew it was stupid, but I just didn’t care. It’s immature, raunchy, and ridiculous, but I loved it. The only Marlon Wayans movies I like, along with this one, is the first Scary Movie, and White Chicks. All three of them were pretty stupid. But that’s the point. Sometimes you just have to see those movies that are obviously not good, but will entertain you. I love good, well made movies as much as the next guy, but I also enjoy just kicking back and watching a movie that will keep me smiling for 90-120 minutes. So if you’re bored, have $7-$10, and an hour and a half to burn, watch this movie.