Christmas comes to Heartland, along with an anonymous call about starving horses stranded by an avalanche in the Rocky Mountains, which send Amy and Ty to their rescue.

Also Known As: A Heartland Christmas, Heartland - Paradies für Pferde - Der Film

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  • luna-amaral
    luna amaral

    I have no idea how this movie got any good reviews. It’s the cheesiest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • brett-may
    brett may

    If you look at this as a movie, it’s too confusing to enjoy what’s going on. But if you follow the show, it goes along perfectly.

  • john-lloyd
    john lloyd

    While we enjoy the Heartland series, this is probably the worst “Christmas” story we have ever seen. 🙁 Two thirds of the story focuses on digging a trench for stranded horses through a big snow bank that mere humans can easily navigate, but the poor pathetic horses can’t! So . . . the majority of the show is consumed by a dimwit village digging a trench through the snow bank, complete with a boardwalk to protect the horses’ tender tootsies! Duh.Then for the “Christmas” portion, you can actually hear a Christmas carol being sung in a church in the background, but the Heartland bunch don’t join in the Christmas festivities at the church in favour of spending their evening soaking up suds in a neighbouring bar. Then when they finally get home for Christmas dinner: No giving of thanks, or even acknowledgement of the meaning of Christmas; they all ungratefully and unceremoniously dig into the turkey dinner like pigs at the trough.This is a political CBC demonstration of something that has nothing whatsoever to do with Canadian culture and Christmas. 🙁 Kudos to the tax payer supported Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, who never cease to fail us in promoting their low life anti-religious, anti-Canadian culture and interests at taxpayers expense!

  • mindia-nabievi
    mindia nabievi

    The Heartland episode, A Heartland Christmas, written by one of Heatland’s best writers, Heather Conkie, encapsulates what is, at least for me, so wonderful about this CBC series. There is the breathtaking beauty of the Rockies, a place I know well. There is the inner strength of the Bartlett clan even in the face of adversity. There is the community coming together to help others, in this case horses trapped in a canyon. And then there are those Heartland themes of healing and redemption. All of these things tie this episode to the holiday season, something missed by that ideological, manichean, and simplistic bull hockey masquerading as a review that Stan Canada is shovelling around. This episode is not to be missed for the wonderful performance by Nicholas Campbell and the final scene between him and Shaun Johnston. As for the deduction, I took some points away from this episode because it doesn’t seem to square with the continuity of Heartland seasons one through four.

  • gerard-lopez
    gerard lopez

    All episodes of Heartland are excellent and heartwarming, and this one is no exception. Without giving away too much of the story, Ty and Amy help bring a community together, and mend broken families, whilst saving trapped horses. It shows the true value of giving of oneself, and helping others, rather than just focusing on gifts or religion. Before watching, I was expecting it would focus on a religious, Christian Christmas, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it didn’t. Instead, it focused on the difference people can make to other people’s lives, and the importance of family, whether that be the family we are born with, or the ones we make along the way. By doing this, it made it inclusive to everyone – Every person that celebrates Christmas, can relate to the messages relayed in this show, rather than just those who celebrate and believe in the religious side of Christmas. Overall, whether a fan of Heartland the series, or not, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this, especially heading into the Christmas period.

  • mirian-baliashvili
    mirian baliashvili

    First off, let me say I LOVE Heartland. That being said, this movie really has nothing to do with Christmas except Lou and Mallory decorating a tree. Other than that, it could have been any other Heartland episode that takes place in the winter. The plot itself is great except that it’s called “Christmas” which it isn’t. It’s a new twist on Heartland’s bread and butter formula, Amy and Ty come to the rescue of some horses that desperately need help. Then they spend an hour digging in the snow.I just wish it had more tie ins to the meaning of Christmas. After all, it’s not called “Heartland Holidays”.

  • ksanthos-petropoulos
    ksanthos petropoulos

    I’ve loved the Heartland series for years and four years ago, when I found out CBC was going to add ‘A Heartland Christmas’ to its holiday lineup, I was thrilled. At an hour and a half long, this heart-warming special is a wonderful tie in to the TV series. It is nice to see that just because it’s Christmas-y, it doesn’t mean there’s no drama! Plenty of it, in fact.The plot line involving the stranded horses is a good point, if a bit overdone in other media. However, the special manages to make it work.Canada’s own Nicolas Campbell is excellent as Will Vernon. He portrays his character very well, and it’s nice to see the eventual turnaround. It’s also nice to see the connection he has to Jack, and Jack’s assistance in helping change Vernon’s opinions and attitude.’A Heartland Christmas’ gets its message across without being a turnoff for viewers. It’s a lovely holiday addition to any Heartland lover’s lineup.