Get your front-row seat for a sold-out medieval slug-fest. Faithful–and clumsy–servant Cedric will do whatever it takes to help his noble master, Sir Loinsteak, prepare for a jousting tournament against the defending champion, Sir Cumference. But when Sir Loinsteak takes a nasty spill, it’s up to Cedric to take the reins and don the armor to battle for the hand of the fair Princess Esmerelda.

Also Known As: Caballero por un día, グーフィーの騎士道, A Knight for a Day, Päivä ritarina, Chevalier d'un jour, Ridder for en dag, Jan Långben som riddare, Riddare för en dag, Рыцарь на день Soviet, Cavaleiro por um Dia, Ritter für einen Tag

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