After doing five years in prison on a drug charge, Poke is returns to his hometown intent on taking his sweetheart Mary Lee (and their child) away with him to California. His plan hits a snag, however, when he discovers that since his incarceration, Mary Lee has taken up with Duke, the very sheriff who put Poke behind bars in the first place. Things turn even worse for Poke when he later witnesses Duke assassinating a local Hispanic politician. Now with Duke out for his blood, Poke must choose to run for his life or make a stand.

Also Known As: La vengeance aux tripes, Polishämnaren, Μεγάλο κάθαρμα σε μικρή πόλη, Jagdzeit in Texas West, A caminho do Texas, Dræb i lovens navn, Caccia aperta, Pakorauta, Miasteczko w Teksasie, Καινούριο κάθαρμα στην πόλη, Uma Pequena Cidade do Texas, Μια μικρή πόλη στο Τέξας, El vicio y el poder, De motorduivels van Texas, A Small Town in Texas, Persecución violenta, Kasabanın namusu

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