Unknown to anybody else but himself The Stranger arrives in an abandoned town where he witnesses the slaughter of Mexican soldiers by a gang led by Aguila. The Stranger threatens Aguila to denounce him if he does not accept to let him take part in the theft of a shipment of gold. The plan is a success but when The Stranger claims his due, he gets a good beating instead. However The Stranger manages to escape with the gold. The bandits, who want his skin, pursue him. But The Stranger is not the kind to get caught so easily…

Also Known As: Stranac u Gradu, A Stranger in Town, One Dollar in the Teeth, Un dollaro tra i denti, Dollari hampaissa, Um Dólar Entre Os Dentes, Stranac u gradu, For a Dollar in the Teeth, Dişler arasında bir dolar, Akatsuki no yojinbo, Странник в городе Soviet, Un dólar entre los dientes, Donde vas extranjero, En dollar mellem tænderne, Ein Dollar zwischen den Zähnen West, Stranec vo gradot, 暁の用心棒, A Dollar Between the Teeth, Ena dollario anamesa sta dontia, En dollar mellan tänderna, Ein Dollar zwischen den Zähnen, Долар между зъбите, Un dollar entre les dents

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